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Israelites and Jews: The Significant Difference!

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Israelites and Jews: the Significant Difference is about the differences in belieft, practice and perception of two distinct groups of people - who claim the same heritage. Israelites and Jews: the Significant difference is about the dissimilarity in culture, thought and practice adhered to by Jews and Israelites.

Israelites and Jews : The Significant Difference

About the Author

Cohane Michael Levi was born to Shmaryah Levi (Eddie Young Sr.) and Miryom Levi (Mae Young) in New York City and was raised in Brownsville, brooklyn. He has nine siblings and is a devoted husband & proud, dedicated father. He attended Boys High School located in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. He later attended Morgan State College in Baltimore, Maryland for two years. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from City College in New York and his Masters Of Science degree in Special Education from the Graduate School of Education at City College. Cohane Michael, as he is known, has served the Israelite community in his capacity as a teaching Priest/Minister for over twenty five years. He is well known as a scholar of Israelite history, as well as the Hebrew language and heritage. He has worked as a principal of the Israelite Institute in New York City and in Guyana, South America & has taught secondary school in the Guyana Ministry of Education. Since 1985 he also taught intermittently in the New York City Public school system.

In 1978 he migrated to Guyana where he has established an Israelite community & erected the first Hebrew Israelite Cultural Center in the region. For over fifteen years he has provided information about Israelite history & culture through radio & television broadcasts in the Caribbean & South America. He has also given lecutures in many colleges & universities.

Cohane Michael is the founder of Levitical Communications, Inc. which is dedicated to the spread of Israelite history & culture among Africans in the diaspora. He has traveled extensively throughout North America, the Carribean and to Israel in Northeast Africa. He is well known throughout the Israelite community worldwide and is highly respected.




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