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Adamic Edenic Universal language / business and world peace

An Introduction to Edenics By Isaac Mozeson


Why learn about Edenic Language or Adamic language

Edenics is a linguistics project undertaken to study the original human mother tongue called Edenic, the language given to Adam in the garden. It is our hope that those of us; whether African American, Latin or Hispanic, European, Asian, Australian, Polynesian or Pacific Islander, would want to return the Earth to it's original state of paradise of Eden / Africa.

Universal language, as used here, refer to a language spoken and understood by all or most of the world's population. If Edenics is this Universal language, then it can be a means of communication to be understood by all living things, beings, and objects alike. It may serve as an international auxiliary language for communication between groups of people speaking different primary languages. To seek this language is to seek oneness or harmony; thus, we could have a better means of communicating and conducting business - that leads to world peace!


Eden was the first school

In Eden, Yah (God) taught Adam everything he should know about life and living. Adam learned what to eat and not eat. He learned about what work he should do and when to work and when to rest. Yah, his Father, taught him in his home right there in Eden, thus the first "home-schooling."

When you change your mind - you change your world! Change is the art of learning History, Culture and Business in a mannor pleasing unto God, for a Prophetic New Future. Edenic World incorporates the diversity of life to harmonize Spiritually; your Health (physical and Spiritual) and your Fincancial Wellbeing to bring you A new mind (Beresheet), thus a New way of thinking.

"The Adamic language is, according to certain sects within Abrahamic traditions, the language spoken by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, i.e., either the language used by God to address Adam, or the language invented by Adam (Book of Genesis 2:19). Adamic language

"Hebrew, with its right brain/left brain neurological keyboard demonstrates that Greek and Latin are merely grandparents, while Hebrew is the common ancestor, the original computing language of our biological random access memory, which was scrambled during the output stage by the Master Programmer (Tower of Babel story in Genesis)."

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Edenic discussion group

Edenic \E*den"ic\, a. Of or pertaining to Eden; paradisaic. "Edenic joys." Edenic, God's promise of redemption (Gen. 3:15). As late as the nineteenth century it was common knowledge that the pre-Babel tongue or language of the Bible, was ancient Hebrew and the language of Adam and Eve.

This group is to provide a place for questions and answers about the Edenic World; it's history, present life and it's future. We are here to discuss every aspect of spiritual effects on life. Your business, your health and family depends on your spiritual outlook on life.

Using the knowledge of History, Culture and Business for a Prophetic New Future for all people! The Edenic World incorporate the diversity of life to harmonize Spirituality, Business, Family and life-style.

All are welcome, weither you be; African American, Black Indians, Tainos, Full Bloods, Mixed Bloods, Alaska Natives, Canadian Aboriginals, Hawaiians and Everyone who would share their stories of their Indigenous heritage, traditional native culture or wish to reclaim the Mother Earth to it's original Edenic state of paradise.

New World Chronicles - "Africa/Edenic Studies are scholarly works intended to provide a unique perspective on the realities concerning the African continent and her people." Africans in Israel join forces for improvement

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