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Path: Philosophy and Mindset Western Mindset

Western Mindset: the Hellenic Approach

The Western mind is set in the linear paradigm of the left-brain 'secular' mindset. The left side of the brain processes information in a linear manner. It is one of doing - set in the process of observation and response. The left brain processes information in sequence: - the 'whole' is broken down into seperate pieces, lined up and arranged in 'logical' order; then conclusions are drawn about the 'whole' from these pieces.


View of reality through the western mindset and philosophy

Linear 'reasoning' logic

The typical western mindset is skewed towards the inherent limitations of cause-and-effect thinking - bound in language-based reasoning and time oriented. This liner processing method present the westerner with the experience of never-ending problems, always requiring solutions. Left-brain dominance cause one to confuse data with intelligence and to place trust in the accumulation of facts, observations and labeling. Higher learning, to the Western Mind, is simply the memorizing of special language and the discipline necessary to study the subject matter.

Rugged Individualism

Western culture emerged out of the combination of Judeo-Christian theology, which posits a single God who holds individuals responsible for their own eternal salvation, plus, from Greek civics, which emphasized personal agency and free will.

Man rules nature through understanding and applying laws of science

To the Greek (western) mind, the task is to understand things in terms of their material essesces. They believe that the use of logic and the precision of definition could penetrate to the inner meaning of existence to discover timeless truths.


The western mind views time as points on straight line ("at this point in time..."). Linear time is divided into neat segments. Each event is new. History is the recording of facts, objectively and chronologically.

Life is analyzed in precise categories. it is oriented to the near future. Biological life is sacred, with the universe being Man-centered.

Materialistic Reality

The Universe evolved by chance - All that exists is the material. Chance (luck), plus 'cause & effect', limit what can happen. In the Greek-based mindset, the universe is dominated and controlled by western science and technology.

Values: Competition seen as good

Change is good, seen as progress to the western mind. Ancient traditions are viewed as old and out-dated. The worth of a person is based on money, material possessions, and power. Freedom orientation is to have power over others - achieved through business, politics and human organizations. Personal achievement is measured in the material goods gained through this power.


The western (Greek / Hellenic) mind sees a split between natural & supernatural. The 'nonphysical' (spiritual) is seen as immaterial (nonexistant and unimportant).

Blind faith

For the western mind that embrace aspects of spirituality, faith is blind - based in trust of something unseen and unproven.





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