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Don't try to sell your opportunity in Traffic Exchanges, other surfers already have something to sell, and they are trying to sell it to you. Like you, they are surfing to promote what they are selling. But they ALL want More traffic for THEIR business!

Stop trying to sell them YOUR business, and start using these traffic exchange to generate MORE TRAFFIC, build relationships and help others.

You Gotta love traffic exchanges

I love traffic exchanges. My own lead generation is almost exclusively from these simple programs. Why? Because they work IF you know how to use them.

Traffic exchange programs, in general, are used by small business owners or marketers who either want free advertising or low-budget advertisement campaigns. The viewers are all website owners or affiliates, some of whom might find certain member sites interesting and thus make note of them on their own sites, sending more traffic their way.

The key to using traffic exchanges is understanding that the person will only be viewing your site for 6-30 seconds. You should be sending the viewer to a specific advertisement designed for traffic exchanges, rather than sending them to your website. Squeeze pages or splash pages, which have a simple headline, description, and opt-in form for an autoresponder are the most effective web pages for traffic exchanges. That allows the surfer to easily type their email address in and receive more information about your product or services at a later time.

And, because Google disallows the use of Adsense on Traffic Exchanges, users who wish to advertise their websites on a traffic exchange but also have Adsense ads should create separate pages for advertising in traffic exchanges that do not have Adsense ads.

Free traffic to your website from traffic exchanges

Join one or all of these traffic exchanges to drive great traffic to your website.

Dragon Surf



Social Traffic Network Meets Social List Mailer

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

Whether you use viral list builders and safelists or traffic exchanges, You now can experience the best of both worlds... with the social experience carried through-out the whole site.

List Surfing is the first to introduce massive social elements into a Viral List Mailer:

Have fun, interact, get feedback on your site, "up" your social status, and much more.

I'll see you there,

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