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StartXchange is built around a traffic exchange community. It starts in their forum, and continues throughout the site. It is a fun filled world of advertising your website!! StartXchange

Refering new people

Refering new people to StartXchange with your Referal URL earns you traffic when they surf. Startxchange also have custom referal splash pages, Banner Creator and Flyer Maker where you can Print out flyers that you can post in community message boards!

Any generator can increase your hit counter. However, I use StartxChange because It's very good at delivering quality traffic.

Why I use StartXchange

First of all, I use several traffic exchanges. However, StartXchange is a place that I can feel like I am with family. Everyone is very supportive and friendly.

Experts tell you that in order to be successful, you have to be personal, let people know that you are a real person and not just a website or some brick and mortar building that no one can talk to. At StartXchange, Tim makes himself available to the members. You won't find this kind of interaction on any other sites that I know of.

There are plenty of benefits. Many Traffic Exchanges has lots of benefits, some may have more than StartXchange. However, most traffic exchanges make it too difficult for the members to figure out how to use the features, or it’s just too difficult to use so you never reap the benefit of most of the features. At StartXchange, Tim has tweaked the program so that it is very easy to use and benefit from the features.

If there is anything I would like to see improved, it would be the navigation on the main page. The navigation is good, but, I have to remember where to go for some features. If I don’t visit that feature often, I forget where to go.

One of the main reasons for using a Traffic Exchange is to get your site reviewed. With more than 25,000 members, there is ample opportunity for your site to receive unique visitors. It is, however, a one-for-one surfing ratio, so the more sites you visit, the more your site will be seen. Tim does a great job in encouraging the members to be unique in what type of site they place in the exchange. Splash pages are the recommended way to advertise. That way, if two or more members have the same affiliate site, they can have unique splash pages and both will benefit from the Traffic Exchange.

This kind of advice is something that many people will charge hundreds of dollars for, if not thousands of dollars. I hope he don’t start charging, I have benefited from his free advice and hope to continue to receive free money making knowledge. Thanks Tim.


It’s free to join, but the upgrades, as with any traffic exchange, offers more benefits. The upgrade is very inexpensive, I can afford it, and so, I know that anyone else can also. Another good feature that was recently added is “Teams.”  When you join a Team, at least a good one, you receive help from the team leader. This help can be of almost any nature to increase you chance of success on the Internet. I have to recommend Team Dehawkinz, I am a member of this great team.

Sherwood Lummus

Startxchange Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange Toolbox

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Startxchange Traffic Exchange




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