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Why participate sports

Path: Sports, Money and Profit Why participate sports

"The evidence supporting sports participation for young people is overwhelming...It has the power to combat everything from racism to low self-image, to the high-school drop-out rate." (Sue Castle, Executive Producer of PBS Sports: Get in the Game)

We expect sport to feature strongly, to raise the sports bar, as one of the Best Value agenda of social authorities and in the works of new Spiritual Development Agencies. This page is aimed at those who see health, economic, social and environmental regeneration, as a national, regional and local mandate.

Sport is part of the culture of this country as well as most countries. Whether we are participants, spectators or volunteers, sports touches us all. Even our quality of life is significantly enhanced by sports. sports and recreation is our ticket to a harmonious life. Sports has helped the educated man illustrate a balanced development of all his powers, it has created improvements in medicine, nutrition and social life.

We are entertained by sports;
it enables us to stretch ourselves mentally and physically;
it teaches us how to win and the value of what it means to lose;
it gives us the opportunity for self-expression;
it provides us with a sense of camaraderie and friendship;
it helps us to appreciate the value our natural environment.

Sports demonstrate these tangible benefits to individuals, communities and the nation as a whole, as it compete with many other worthy causes for a share of the public's interest.

There is evidence to show that sport has the ability to overcome social barriers while it empower individuals. It has been used to help to reduce social exclusion, promote lifelong learning, and provide opportunities for engagement in community life through voluntary work.

Thus The Value of Sport and the challenge: Why participate in sport?

Drawing on the best scientific evidence available, combined with local examples of good practice, sports has demonstrated that it can make a difference in people's lives and to the communities in which we live. It shows that sport generate multiple returns in many areas in terms of, improved health for the individual and less demand on the health service by those of middle and older age, reduced criminal behaviour among young people, and economic regeneration and improved employment opportunities.

The Value of Sport: summary

Sport makes a significant contribution to our environment, our economy and our society as a whole.

Social Exclusion
Sport is one way in which social exclusion can be tackled. Evidence suggest people's sense of integration into their local community increases when they have the opportunity of participating in sporting activities.

Community Safety
From across the country, sports is credited with reducing the chances of young people slipping into lives of crime. And it reduces the risk of a person re-offending if he can be encouraged to participate in sport.

More Employment
Sport fields provide green plants for our towns and cities, and new facilities regenerate previously derelict land. This is a benefit for our lungs. Many sports such as canoeing, sailing and mountaineering, contribute to health and sustainability of the rural economy.

Life's Lesson
Sports help children learn lessons that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. It teaches people the benefits of self discipline, team work, mutual respect and fair play; and enables young people to use their leisure time in a constructive way. Sports enables youngsters, in particular, to channel their energy, competitiveness and aggression in a personally and socially beneficial way.

Sport can be viewed as a form of preventative medicine significantly reducing the burdens on the National Health Service by keeping people fit and healthy.

Urban Regeneration
Improving sports facilities and hosting sporting events can help modernise an area's image and improve local self esteem.

In summary, sport directly benefit millions through active participation and should be important to everyone.




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