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My Aviation Story: Huey pilot - Vietnam

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My flying started in high school with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). We learned to fly in a Cessna 150 trainer. After graduating high school, I joined the Army and the Warrant Officer aviation program. Upon completion of the program, I was sent to Vietnam. After returning to the States, I joined the Army Reserves.

Vietnam Helicopter Pilot - Regular Army - My Story
Sherwood Lummus

I served with the 2/17th Cav (101st Airborne 2/17th Cavalry) in Vietnam from Feb 1971 to Jan 1972.
MOS - 100B / 100E Huey pilot.
Stationed - camp eagle
Area of opperation - A Shau Valley and Bai Long valley (Hue PhuBai)
Any other Screaming Eagles out there?

"The A Shau Valley was one of the strategic focal points of the war in Vietnam."

101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)
HHT 2/17th Cav Headquarters & Headquarters Troop 2nd Squadron / 17th Cavalry 101st Airborne Division
Callsign - (Headhunters)

My Army (MOS): Military Occupation Specialties

100B Utility/Observation Helicopter Pilot
100E Attack Helicopter Pilot
100G "Pilot, OH-58"

Army (MOS): Military Occupation Specialties

Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description
(MOS): 153A - Rotary Wing Aviator


"Accession MOS used to feed into an armed reconnaissance, attack, utility, or cargo helicopter MOS. Operates and commands aircraft under tactical and non-tactical conditions. Operates aircraft during all types of meteorological conditions during the day, night, and under night vision systems. Performs all military aircraft operations (e.g., reconnaissance, security, gunnery, rescue, air assault, mine/flare delivery, internal/external load, and paradrop/rappelling operations). Performs aerial route, zone, and/or area reconnaissance in support of combat maneuver operations. Routinely participates in real time and training operations that include combat, combat support, or combat service support operations. Additionally, performs administrative or liaison missions to transport passengers, mail or cargo for military purposes. Maintains aviator flight requirements in accordance with appropriate aircraft Aircrew Training Manual." Warrant Officer, Army

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2nd Squadron / 17th Cavalry,     VietNam Hueys,     U.S. Army helicopter units

Also see: U.S. Army Warrant Officer MOS Chart

VIETNAM VETERAN NEWSLETTER - A web site that shares the emotional and spiritual experiences of the Vietnam War through poetry, stories, and photos by combat veterans.
Hosted by Vietnam Veteran Bill McDonald

101st Airborne - Screaming Eagles - in Vietnam

A Shau Valley 1968

Vietnam - 101st Airborne

101st Airborne Division In The A Shau Valley 1969-1971




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