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Discover the Hovercraft takes you on a tour of the Hovercraft's secret world. Learn about the early days of cushion craft, modern day Hovercraft designs and try experiments to see the Hovercraft principle in action Model Hovercraft designer Kevin Jackson takes you on a tour of the Hovercraft's secret world. Tracing the history of this extraordinary craft through early ideas and designs to modern craft. Try your own experiments and demonstrate the Hovercraft principle by building and using the momentum curtain Hovercraft testbed described in this book. Discover the designs used for racing and large heavy lift craft as well as other applications of the Hovercraft principle. Find out about the design of the Hovercraft skirt, engines used to power the craft, and how lift and thrust are created. Learn how and where Hovercraft have been put to use all over the world in civil and military applications.

RC Hydro Speed Boat R/C Racing Sports Ship Radio Remote Control Electric Off-shore Craft NQD
- Brand NEW, In Original Package
- Battery Operated R/C Racing Boat
- Factory Assembled - READY TO RUN
- 2-Channel Pistol Grip Transmitter
- Twin Propellers, Vector Push Design
- Powerful High Speed Twin Type-380 Motors
- Powered by Re-chargeable 9.6V Ni-CD battery
- Home AC charger and Battery Pack are included
- Transmitter Battery is also included
- Maximum Speed: 20 mph
- Operating Range: 300 feet
- Dimension: 18"L x 9.25"W x 5"H

MegaStorm Hovercraft Floating on a cushion of air just like a real one, MegaStorm is a true Hovercraft. This is made possible because it features a high-volume cylindrical blower (often referred to as a "squirrel cage" blower) for lift, which is much more effective than other types of impeller systems. MegaStorm floats and gracefully glides over calm water or any smooth surface like a concrete, linoleum or wooden floor. The independently controlled twin drive fans give forward, reverse, left, right and "turning-on-a-dime" control using the included twin-stick radio transmitter. The MegaStorm comes 100% built with rechargeable 9.6V battery and charger included. Just add one 9V battery for the transmitter and you're off and hovering!

Hovercrafts (Blazers) [Library Binding]
Sautter (Author), Aaron (Author)

Fire up a hovercraft and sail right over land, water, and everything in between. Find out how these powerful vehicles hover up to 9 feet above almost any surface. From rugged off-road racing to daring ocean rescue missions, the action never stops!

The Techniques of Scott Robertson 4: How to Draw Hovercraft and Spacecraft
Scott Robertson (Actor), Alex Alvarez (Director) -- Format: DVD
On this DVD, Scott demonstrates the basic drawing techniques he uses when drawing hovercraft and spacecraft. The lecture begins with a quick look at several of his past hovercraft vehicle drawings and the strategies employed while drawing them. Next, Scott demonstrates his techniques of drawing eleven different flying vehicles of his own design. He demonstrates his approach to ballpoint pen sketching, chisel-tip pen sketching and pencil sketching. This DVD is a solid introduction to drawing hovercraft and spacecraft of various shapes and sizes, with a focus on basic perspective drawing skills. Materials used: Pen, Pencil and Marker.





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