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The Goodyear Blimp

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The Goodyear Blimp is the collective name for a fleet of blimps operated by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company for advertising purposes and for use as a television camera platform for aerial views of sporting events. Goodyear began producing airship envelopes in 1911 and introduced its own blimp, The Pilgrim, in 1925.

The blimps are filled with helium. The helium is maintained under low pressure, so small punctures do not pose serious consequences for the blimp. In fact, one inspection element of the blimps is to look into the envelope for pinpoints of light which are indicative of small holes. The blimps have infrequently been hit by small-arms fire from the ground. Also, birds can hit blimps and make small beak holes. These incidents have not resulted in any serious consequences to the blimp or its crew.


The blimps are equipped with internal bladders in the envelope, and as the blimp ascends or descends these bladders expand or contract to compensate for density changes and to maintain uniform pressure in the envelope.

30' Outdoor Advertising Helium Blimp

30' Outdoor Advertising Helium Blimp

If you are looking to make a big impression, then unleash the power of outdoor blimps. Use it for Grand Opening, Sale, Events, Announcements, aerial photography & video, college/university science project and many other uses. Filled with helium and tethered, the blimp acts like a large weather vane. It rotates with the wind and keeps your message in constant view. This blimp comes with tail fins & other guy lines attached and is ready to inflate. Picture is for illustration purposes only. Logo's and graphics are not included in the price. Most people don't realize how easy blimps are to use. Our blimps come with tail fins and their guy lines attached and ready to inflate. You take them out of their box, fill them with helium, attach them to an anchor point and let them go up the full length of their tether lines. There is no mystery about flying an advertising blimp. Instructions come with each size blimp, explaining how much helium is needed, where to get it, what to do about everything. Banners require attachment points applied on sides of the blimp which are provided but you must order blank banners separately.

Advertising Blimps - 14 Ft. Advertising Blimp

Advertising Blimps - 14 Ft. Advertising Blimp

Our advertising blimps are made in the USA of the highest quality polyurethane. Most blimps for sale on the web are made of PVC and PVC is a known carcinogen. Our blimps fly better, hold helium better and keep their color much better than blimps made of PVC. Many colors available.

Radio-Controlled Silver Baboom Flying Saucer UFO (Indoor Toy Blimp) 27MHz RC

Radio-Controlled Silver Baboom Flying Saucer UFO (Indoor Toy Blimp) 27MHz RC

A perfect hands-on activity, this Baboom Flying Saucer is suitable for the enthusiast and eager student alike. Stoke an interest in science and flight with this high quality balloon. Designed for indoor flying, this blimp is made of metallic silver nylon. Requires Helium. Dimensions: 38 inches in diameter.

Goodyear Blimp

Goodyear Large Inflatable Blimp - 33"

Here's the Goodyear Blimp you Inflate yourself. A fun attention grabber in any room, it measures approximately 33" long by 12" high, comes with built-in hanging clips, a string, and even a small patch kit.

Passengers: The Goodyear Blimp

The GZ-20 blimps Goodyear operates in the U.S have seating for only six passengers. No seatbelts are required.

The only passengers that Goodyear will allow on the blimps are corporate guests of the company and members of the press. No public rides are offered. This has been Goodyear's long standing policy. However, for over 50 years, it had to offer limited public rides at its Miami, FL winter base on Watson Island as part of its land-lease deal with the city in order to operate from the island. That practice ended in 1979 when the base was moved to Opa-Locka, FL.

The Spirit of America is one of three airships operated by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in the United States. It is based at Goodyear’s airship station in Carson but flies out to events throughout the western U.S. (and sometimes Canada and Mexico). The airship has a crew of one pilot and up to five passengers. The airship measures 192 feet long, 50 feet wide, 59.5 feet high, and is powered by two 210-horsepower engines. It has a volume of 202,700 cubic feet. It normally cruises at 30 mph, although it can attain a top speed of 50 mph. The airship normally operates at an altitude of 1,000 to 3,000 feet. It has a maximum operating altitude of 10,000, but, because helium-filled airships do not agree with high altitudes, the Spirit of America rarely flies above 5,000 feet. This explains why it is unlikely to been seen at Colorado events. The airship provides a bird's eye view for television coverage for special events and also provides a community service message board on its night signs.

The Spirit of America makes about 10 flights per day. The airship provides a bird's eye view for television coverage for special events. During daylight hours, it also takes Goodyear clients and sales people for 45-minute rides. After dark, it will don its lighted billboard (165,000 LED's with more than 256 colors) to promote charities or other causes.




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