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ACE Weekend Academy The Atlanta Aviation Career Enrichment Program

Atlanta Chapter, Tuskegee Airmen dedicated to maintaining the traditions and preserving the legacy of the first generation of African American military aviators during the Second World War

VHPA The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

Science Fair Project Hovercraft and other projects - ULTRA-SIMPLE HOVERCRAFT can lift several adults!

The History of the Hovercraft Christopher Cockerell invented the hovercraft in 1956

The Homebuilt Homepage Homebuilt Experimental class aircraft and related information

American Helicopter Museum the Museum is located in suburban Philadelphia where much of the earliest development of helicopters in the U.S took place.

NASA Education "NASA's Education Program strives to engage the public in shaping and sharing the experience of exploration and discovery."

The Helicopter Page Helicopters: How They Work

"Robin Whirlybird on her Rotorcraft Adventures" Read Story

The Personal Rocket Belt the Rocket Belt was invented and perfected in the early 1960's by Wendell Moore, an engineer working for Bell Aerospace in Buffalo, New York.

the Jet Pack is a small personal propulsion device strapped to the back of an individual that enables a man to use low-power rocket propulsion to rapidly but safely travel or leap over short distances like small rivers or ravines and land upright on his feet.

T-38 Talon The T-38A Talon is a twin-engine, high-altitude, supersonic jet trainer.

Mk9 Spitfire Great site with lots of pictures and information.

Learning to Fly Helicopters If you just want to enjoy the scenery on nice days in your local area, a helicopter beats an airplane. The visibility from a helicopter is better than from almost any airplane.




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