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Have you ever thought about learning to fly?

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Why learn to fly? There are as many reasons to learn to fly as there are pilots. The most common reason is the sheer excitement and love for life aloft, which all pilots share. Some have always dreamed of owning their own airplane. Some are pursuing a flying career and some recognize a light aircraft to be a useful business tool.

As a pilot, you really are the captain of your own soul. You can choose your destination, your adventure and your route. As You are your own pilot, you can have freedom for the day, the weekend or even the hour.

Pilots usually enjoy wider personal horizons and a fuller life. For me, it seems I got a wider perspective on the world, and on life itself. As you progress in your training you will notice that you have more confidence and more self-esteem.

It's healthy too:
Many times I would take off in a Bell 206 and fly just above the smog level where the air is much fresher. It's fun to dip the skids in and out of the smog!


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ACE Weekend Academy The Atlanta Aviation Career Enrichment Program

Adventure of Aviation

There are over 600,000 pilots in America and over 2,000 flight schools. Yet the adventure of aviation is still not known to many people. However, there are books, manuals and flight programs designed to show what learning to fly can do to change lives by introducing you to aviation.

You don't have to be rich to learn to fly

Many pilots actually rent airplanes for training or to fly family or friends on vacations, attend business meetings or just plain fun. Learning to fly seems to have a spiritual effect on people. It increases self-esteem and cause most people to have an improved attitude about accomplishing other things in life.

History Note:

The Bell Model 206 JetRanger is one of the most successful helicopter designs in the world. The design originated in the mid-1960s as an entry in a US Army competition for a light observation (scout) helicopter. Although Bell lost the contract, the Model 206 "JetRanger" entered the civilian market in 1967. The Model 206 has been overhauled three times, the basic shape and design are unchanged since 1967. The JetRanger is popular with news media for traffic and news reporting and also it is used by many Law Enforcement Units. In a twist, the US Army eventually selected the 206 for use as the OH-58 Kiowa, fulfilling its original role.

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