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Highly Recommended Sources of Income

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Affiliate Programs as a source of Income and Profit

Affiliate programs (and the right mindset), helps you make money - Working from Home online and offline - in any Economy! - - In some form, if you are in business, you will be affiliated with suppliers and consumers. You can choose to make money in or with: education (teaching), music, shopping (buying and selling items), charity fundrasing, aviation, or helping others to start a business - it all centers around your health and education and your views (Philosophy and Spirituality) towards making money.



The best Products and Services to Start Your Own Business

In order to start a successful business, you will need to know what Sells Best in any economy. In our current economic situation, the big question is, "What would people buy in econmic hard times?" The best selling items on the Internet - of course! - - Currently, the best selling items are: Books, CDs, DVDs, Videos, Toys, Games, Electronics, Camera & Photo, Software, Kitchen & Houseware, Outdoor Living, and Tools. The best way to sell these items is through Affiliate Programs on the Internet.



Create An Extra $500.00 a month

In this economy, an extra $500.00 a month would benefit the average family greatly. An extra $500.00 a month ($6,000.00 a year - the equivalent, on average, of about an hourly wage of $3 per hour), could cover the cost of a car payment or groceries. An hourly wage of $3 equales a daily rate of $24 per day.

How can you expect to make this much money in this present economy or any other economy?

Let me contrast two ways in which you can make this kind of money - Panhandling versus Internet Entrepreneurship.

Panhandling (Not Recommended) as a source of Income although its a Clear Profit

Consider this: "panhandling" pull about $2 (U.S.) a day on the low end, between $20 to $50 a day in the mid-range, and about $300 a day on the high end. Women panhandlers, especially those who have children with them, and panhandlers who appear to be disabled, tend to receive more money. But the down side is that they often work in the danger of night and in the cold and rain.

A panhandler is a type of entrepreneur that work the streets in a one-on-one approach - begging for money. The only or main value you get for your money from the panhandlers is in your joy and blessings of giving to others. (See "Charity Fundraising"). Thus, their 'income' can be high with a very low expense to deduct from their revenue.


Internet Entrepreneurship (Highly Recommended) as a source of Income

Research shows that home businesses contribute more than $100 billion per year to the economy, even in a world where the general economy continues to be relatively poor. According to one Small Business Administration report (Aug. 20, 2008), over half of all U.S. businesses are based out of an owner's home. The report also show that home-based businesses contribute more than $530 billion to the U.S. economy per year. A report by The Boston Consulting Group (28 October 2010), reveals that the U.K. Internet contributed £100 billion in 2009 to the economy in the United Kingdom.

As an internet entrepreneur, you can work at home in comfort to make a nice income. You only need to make about $17 per day to reach your goal of $6,000 a year. The internet runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no breaks on weekends or holidays - thus, you could make a lot more than $500 a month! You don't have to beg others for money, instead, you offer people a product or service of value that, in turn, the people are willing to compensate you with their hard earned money!






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