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Path: Business and Extra Income Strong Future International SFI Opportunity Overview

SFI: Opportunity Overview

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SFI provides all of the following...and all at no cost to you:

"Plug-n-Play" Marketing System
SFI provides every affiliate with a professionally-designed and personalized "Gateway" Website, as well as hundreds of support ads and marketing tools. Just "plug in" and go!

No need to carry an inventory
SFI stocks and inventories all SFI products on your behalf.

Order Processing
SFI provides toll-free phone ordering and 24/7 online ordering for your customers.

Customer Service
SFI provides fast, friendly customer service to your customers via phone, e-mail, and online chat.

Payment Processing
You never have to hassle with collecting payments. And for your customers' convenience, SFI accepts cash, checks, money orders, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Refunds & Returns
Keep selling; SFI will take care of any refunds and returns.

SFI's state-of-the-art shipping center makes sure all orders are shipped fast and efficiently.

Sales & Commission Tracking
SFI's copyrighted Gateway Website system ensures that all sales are carefully tracked and exact commissions paid to the penny. They can even deposit your commissions directly to your bank account!

Personalized Training & Support
Regardless of your age, background, or experience level, SFI will teach you how to build a successful business with our industry-leading online training program and Internet Income courses.

Affiliate Center
SFI's online Affiliate Center provides you with nearly infinite resources and tools to build your business with, including: 100s of marketing aids for both online and offline promotions; numerous sales and commission reports, live discussion forum; weekly newsletters, monthly podcasts, hit tracking; Q&A Center; Contact Manager; Tips-of-the-Day, live help desk, reference guides, and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates)
Persons signing up at your Gateway are your PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) and help you build you own global sales team.

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