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Setting up your home office

Your Home Office

Every year, more and more workers move from traditional offices to home offices, often converting rooms or even larger portions of their homes to work-away-from-the-workplace settings. The first step in the transition to a home office is outfitting your office with the right tools. The right products will help you turn your home office environment into the ideal workplace.

Working from home has become an option for many professions in this online age. Your home office can be as simple or as extravagant as desires. It can be set up as an entirely separate room or simply a desk situated in a corner of the bedroom. The point is to make it your personal work space, a place where only work is done. This will help in creating the self-discpline neccessary to work and avoid distractions.


A computer is a neccessary tool for today's home-based business. You can either use a laptop computers or a desktop systems. Although laptops are more expensive, they are inherently mobile. And one of the nice things about working at home is that you can work in other areas of the house, or even in the bedroom. And you may want to take your laptop with you when you on a business trip. If you do any sort of traveling—or think you'll want to work in some other area of the house, a laptop is a must-have.

Laptops come in a variety of types, and the right type for you depends largely on your work habits. If you'll be working primarily out of the home office, only occasionally moving around the house, and don't need to travel outside the home, consider desktop alternatives. Desktop PC users have more choices. Whichever PC you choose, be sure to consider the display. Don't scrimp on this purchase, or your eyes will pay the price over the long term.

For desktop systems, you'll want an LCD display, not a bulky, potentially blurry CRT monitor. For both laptops and desktops, make sure you're using the lowest-possible native resolution you can tolerate. Although high-resolution displays can often make you more productive, they also make onscreen elements such as icons, menus, and text smaller, forcing you to squint and, again, affecting your eyesight over the long term.

Office Supplies


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