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The best way to ensure traffic to your site

The best way to ensure traffic to your site is to submit your URL to the BEST Search Engines. You don't have to submit to 1000's of search engines as some submittal companies would have you to believe.

Submit your site to the major search engines to build traffic. It is not that difficult nor time consuming. Use this list of major search engines to get started. And it is safe, you won't get kicked off the Internet when you submit your URL manually.

Look for their submit or Add URL section, then fill in the form. Try their help section for more information.

Also add your URL to these other search engines. They can increase your traffic as well. We also provide for you a list of sites that offer good search engines in our "Link to Search engine Sites."

Search the web for other site that are similar to your site. When you find one with the kind of information you would like to link to; ask the owners if you may share links. You both benefit, people who may find one site will be able to explore related sites as well.


Submit your site to the search engines more than once, but not too often. Submitting your site every day, for example, will be considered spamming and you will be penalized.

Some search engines base their results on the popularity of a site. If you want your rankings to improve on Google, for example, get other people to link to your site. Don't bother creating a 'dummy' site on a free web server just to link to your site with, though - a popular site that links to yours will improve your ranking better than a link from an unknown personal home page.

The Best Search Engines

My best traffic come from these search engines (as of 8-30-2014)
Google Images6093.24%
MSN Search1683.19%
AOL Search350.67% Images130.25%
Yahoo Images30.06%


Major Search Engines

Other Search Engines

Related Search Engines Sites

Sites Of Interest


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