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God, Heaven and Hell - Remembering Vietnam

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Dedicated to the 2.7 million American military people that served in a country against a very, very capable 'enemy'. The United States lost about 58,000 personnel in battle and the government in Hanoi reported that 1.4 million Communist soldiers died in the war.

This is a work that is in continous progress - in the hope that there will soon be an end to all wars.

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I served in Vietnam (Feb. 10, 1971 - Jan. 10, 1972) with the 2/17th Cav (101st Airborne 2/17th Cavalry) assigned to HHT (Headquarters & Headquarters Troop). This is a page I started on 7-16-2012. It is designed to be an on-going work of remembering Vietnam. As I remember different events from Vietnam (actions or feelings), I will add them to specific sections below. They will not be in 'Chronological order' - they will be listed as I remember them.

Books to help remember Vietnam: Remembering Vietnam

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Exploring normality! Normality (also known as normalcy) is the state of being normal.

Normality (also known as normalcy) is the state of being normal. Behaviour can be normal for an individual (intrapersonal normality) when it is consistent with the most common behaviour for that person. Normal is also used to describe when someone's behaviour conforms to the most common behaviour in society (known as conforming to the norm). Definitions of normality vary by person, time, place, and situation – it changes along with changing societal standards and norms. Normal behaviour is often only recognized in contrast to abnormality. In its simplest form, normality is seen as good while abnormality is seen as bad.[1] Someone being seen as "normal" or "not normal" can have social ramifications, including being included, excluded or stigmatized by larger society.
- Normality (behavior) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;

Vietnam changed my point of view as to what constitute normalcy and gave me a new revelation on God, Heaven and Hell.

God, Heaven and Hell; a change of view

Navi ( נְבִיא )

In Hebrew, the word נְבִיא (navi), "spokesperson", traditionally translates as "prophet".

The second subdivision of the Hebrew Sacred Scriptures, TaNaKh (for "Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim"), is devoted to the Hebrew prophets.

The meaning of navi is best described in Deuteronomy 18:18, where G-d said, "...and I will put My words in his mouth, and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him." Thus, the navi was thought to be the "mouth" of G-d. The root nun-vet-alef ("navi") is based on the two-letter root nun-vet which denotes hollowness or openness; to receive transcendental wisdom, one must make oneself "open". Cf. Rashbam's comment to Genesis 20:7.

According to some views, prophecy is not a gift that is arbitrarily conferred upon people; rather, it is the culmination of a person's spiritual and ethical development. When a person reaches a sufficient level of spiritual and ethical achievement, the Shechinah (Divine Spirit) comes to rest upon him or her. Likewise, the gift of prophecy leaves the person if that person lapses from his or her spiritual and ethical perfection.


"The Messiah" (Heb. ha mahsheeakh, Eng. the anointed one ) "redeemer" (Heb. goel, Eng. kinsman/redeemer) of Israel is a person; and He is already Here - alive and well in the Holy Land of Israel!

A "redeemer", in Hebraic culture, is defined as "one charged with the duty of restoring the rights of another and avenging his wrongs". The Hebrew word for "kinsman" is "goel". The Hebrew word for Redeemer is also "goel". In Biblical times, these words (redeemer and kinsman) were interchangeable. If a man was the redeemer of a family, he must have been a kinsman. And if he was a kinsman, then it followed that he was expected to be a redeemer for the family. The definition of "kinsman" is "nearest male blood relative. If anyone from poverty was unable to redeem his inheritance, it was the duty of the kinsman to redeem it."

Deuteronomy Chapter 18:15 - "A prophet will the LORD thy God raise up unto thee, from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken; "

Verse 14: "For these nations, that thou art to dispossess, hearken unto soothsayers, and unto diviners; but as for thee, the LORD thy God hath not suffered thee so to do. "

The Birth of the Good Inclination

"The rabbinic duality of yetzer hara, the so-called "evil inclination," and yetzer hatov, the "good inclination," is more subtle than the names connote. Yetzer hara is not a demonic force that pushes a person to do evil, but rather a drive toward pleasure or property or security, which if left unlimited, can lead to evil (cf. Genesis Rabbah 9:7). When properly controlled by the yetzer hatov, the yetzer hara leads to many socially desirable results, including marriage, business, and community."

See: yetzer hatov (the "good inclination")

The Hebrew "HaSatan" does not rival G-d for power. Hebraic concept (Judaism) is true monotheism; nothing and nobody can ever equal G-d in power.

HaSatan (Satan is a false concept) urges G-d to set up the situations by which people are tested (such as in the book of Job). He doesn't have the power to directly influence the world except at the direction of Yahwah. Since G-d is the one that decides on what challenges you will face - HaSatan merely urges G-d towards specific situations that he feels will best test you (your Yetzer HaRa - evil inclination), is the bit that tempts you into doing the wrong thing once in the situation. However, the actions of the HaSatan in urging G-d to test you are not negative! If you follow your Yetzer Tov (good inclination) in the situation, then you grow spiritually, thus while the HaSatan will urge G-d to test you - it is up to you whether such a test is positive or negative and is depending on how you respond. HaSatan is merely the heavenly prosecutor.

Also See: Jewish View Of The Snake

"Some in Judaism see the Edenic snake as an external manifestation of the evil will/temptation, the 'yetzer hara'. This is a function of the adversary ('the soton') who is an employee of god, not a contrary or competing force. Thus, the snake is not hated independently nor are snakes given a particularly bad position in society today because of the fall."

Lord God - "Baal Gad"

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Universal corrective force - no god

A call and response essay between me (Sherwood) and a friend whom I will call (Jack).

Jack: You say, "There is no single part of sentient being that exists apart from the other." I asked you before, how old you were? You replied, "7000+ years." Would you please explain this to me. Which part of the sentient being is recycled, and which part is not?

Sherwood: Every actual part of the sentient being is recycled. However, while some memory of past incarnations are remembered, not all aspects of a past incarnation is remembered. If you are asking what happens to the physical body, it is recycled into various other physical aspects of organic beings: humans or animals transcend what we call life into death and other organic life forms eat the flesh or it decay into soil. The plants take in nutrients from the soil to grow and in turn become food for animals and or humans or 'die' and become soil. It is a continous cycle of recycling. The 'Life', what I prefer to call "the Universal Corrective Force", is also recycled but not in the same manner - it is one, not many, but manifest as the individual and preceived to be many instead of 'one'.

Jack: As I see it, The "Universal corrective force," is just another God concept. The controlling force. The force that will eventually destroy, or in other words do away with all undesirable, or destructive parts. Parts that are not worth recycling. In order to do this, it would have to be independent of all the other parts, having final power over all parts. When one is talking about a sentient, life would be worth recycling, the mind, that part of us that is aware of it's self could be worth recycling, depending, on, what kind of mark it made "With in society." Or in other words, how close it is to the "Corrective force" according to the will of the "Corrective force."

Sherwood: The "Universal Corrective Force" is indeed a "concept". The idea of a "God" is indeed a "concept". They are both concepts of the application of life in the universe and how life and the universe opperate. However, while they are both concepts of the same 'entity', they differ in that they do not express the same vision as to the attributes of this "entity". When we can only conceptualize that entity as "God" based upon the present "God Concept", we become blinded to all the other attributes that the present God concept deny. The concept of "The Universal Corrective Force" is all inclussive - attempting to understand all the attributes of the entity; while the "God concept" has defind limits on/of the entity in question.

Jack: You say, "The universal corrective force is all there is." When all things are corrected with in the universe, what happens to the corrective force? There will no longer be a need for a "Corrective force."

Sherwood: All things are already "correct"(ed) each and every second/ minute/ day/ year and so on unto eternity. The Universe is a constant state of change. The concept of "correct" is not to imply that something was "wrong" as presently undertood - but it is the action of bringing things into balance or harmony. When you (us, me, any and every sentient being), come into contact with new or different information or experiences - their present "state of consciousness" is pushed off balance, so to speak. As we study and learn to apply the new information and find our place with in the experience, we are brought into harmony, balance - corrected by, the Universal corrective force.

Jack: In order for the universe to be correct, perfect, it must become one, or like, the guiding force (God Concept). "Balanced in the harmony of the physical and non-physical." The only way for there to be perfect balance, is for the physical to become non-physical, or the other way around. when this happens, there will no longer be a need for force of any kind. There will be no need for a destructive force, a 'Corrective force" because all thing are indestructible, and correct, or, in other words, correct with no farther need of correction.

Sherwood: The Universe is already one, and perfect, working or functioning just as it should! Balance or perfect or being "One", does not require the physical to become non-physical, nor for the non-physical to become physical; perfect balance simply means to work in harmony or conjuction as it suppose to inorder to manifest the proper results. There will always be a need for the "corrective force" as there will always be change within the Universe. The only thing that seeks to place the universe (the world or environment) out of harmony is the current sentient beings on earth called Humans. For example: instead of living in harmony with the environment, "man" seek to change the natural order of the environment, such as changing the flow of rivers to build homes in the flood plains - then acts surprised when nature (the Universal corrective force) reclaims the land. Or, man destroy the natural balance of the mineral in the earth and the forrest and wonder why the winds and the earth cause upheavals to correct for man's actions that are out of harmony with the natural course of things.

Jack: Death is not a part of the "God Concept" it is a part of the physical concept, or in other words, the physical is not eternal. Upon resurrection, the physical body becomes, one with the Mind (Soul), no longer subject to death, "perfect balance," and has life eternal, in "perfect balance, perfect harmony" with the guiding force, "God concept" Eternal life, without the need for rejuvenation, or recharging the battery so to speak. Everything in harmony with everything else. Everything eternal by and of the controlling power. Everything is correct. No longer a need to recycle anything. No longer a need for a "Corrective force"

Sherwood: Within the "God concept"; there is life and death and reason and purpose expressed as to why people live and die. The God concept even express that man has to die in order to live in "Eternity". In you opening remarks, you equated the Universal Corrective Force with the God of the God Concept - if you can conceive that there will be a time when there is no need for the Universal Corrective Force, then do you also conceive of a time when there will be no need of a "God"?


If you were part of the events listed and would like to add your view, send comments

The war was never 'real' to me

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Shot down in the A Shau Valley

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Single ship recon mission

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