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Social media is a spiritual discipline

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Social marketing

Social marketing is the marketing principles used to sell ideas, attitudes and behaviors just as those used to sell products to consumers. Social marketing seeks to influence social behaviors - not to the benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience and the general society.

Social media is a spiritual discipline
Learning how to 'do' social media effectively is a lot like learning a spiritual discipline. There are paradoxes involved, and you have to abandon the traditional western approach of applying ego-based will-power to get results. Here are five spiritual ideas and how social media exemplifies them.
The 5 spiritual ideas of social media

From Wikipedia
Social marketing is the systematic application of marketing, along with other concepts and techniques, to achieve specific behavioral goals for a social good.[1] Social marketing can be applied to promote merit goods, or to make a society avoid demerit goods and thus to promote society's well being as a whole. For example, this may include asking people not to smoke in public areas, asking them to use seat belts, or prompting to make them follow speed limits.

History of social marketing
Social marketing began as a formal discipline in 1971, with the publication of "Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change" in the Journal of Marketing by marketing experts Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman.
History of social marketing

Fostering Sustainable Behavior:
An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing

About the Author
Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr is an award-winning environmental psychologist who specializes in designing programs to promote sustainable behavior. He is the founder of community-based social marketing and has delivered workshops on the topic to more than fifty thousand program managers around the world. Dr. McKenzie-Mohr has also served as an advisor for Canada’s public education efforts on climate change.

Fostering Sustainable Behavior: An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing

"The quote by Albert Einstein 'Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another; it is the only means,' is the most effective way to foster sustainable behavior in my opinion. Leading by example is the only way to outwardly show commitment and obtain credibility."

Spiritual Disciplines

Every goal we set and reach in life involve both the spiritual and physical discipline to achieve success!

Discipline is any activity, within our power, inwhich we engage in order to enable us to do that which we cannot do by our direct effort. Spirituality means something different to everyone. Most of us sense that there is something greater than the concrete world we see with our physical eyes. As our brain processes sensory experiences, we naturally look for patterns. We then seek to find meaning in the patterns. Spirituality is the meaning we apply to that which exist beyond the limits of our physical senses. Thus, Spiritual Discipline is that Path of study and learning we take to improve our awareness of the nonphysical and how we can use such knowledge to enhance our mental, physical and social well-being.

Spiritual discipline can and will help us in every aspect of living! Spiritual Wellness is that personal path through the course of life, involving values and beliefs that provide a sense of purpose in our lives. Self improvement is more than just our physical growth, it is also our spiritual growth; that inner peace through, meditation, positive thinking for achieving success.

The Institute of Regenerative Truth (IRT)

The Institute of Regenerative Truth is a extension of the Holy School of the Prophets at Jerusalem (SOP). The School of the Prophets began in 1975 with a mission to spread truth, re-discover our biblical heritage and restore alignment with the Creator. This task was undertaken by His Excellency Prince Shaleahk Ben Yehuda, Head Master and Dean of the School of the Prophets. His wisdom and understanding remain the foundation of this historic institution.

"'About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the Prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition' Isaac Newton (English Mathematician and Physicist, 'father of the modern science', 1642-1727)"

What is IRT?

The Institute of Regenerative Truth is a unique academic institute of higher learning. Our faculty is dedicated to building new leaders that will succeed the social, business and spiritual challenges of the 21th century and regenerate lives, families and communities.

Institute of Regenerative Truth (Course)

The Institute of Regenerative Truth (IRT) is structured according to the dedication process which is an ancient system of training and developing a mind and character to incubate the seeds of truth to express and manifest sacred ideas.

The Institute of Regenerative Truth online university is specifically designed to offer access to the teachings to the universal principals that govern the Creation and form the tenants of the African Hebrew Israelite Community. The current dean of the School of the Prophets, Dr. Khazriel Ben Yehuda has commissioned the institution.

The Institute of Divine Understanding

Under The Auspices of The Kingdom of Yah

The true worship of Yah (Yahwah) is an entire way of life, a continuous action, from the meal you eat in the morning, to the job you work on. It encompasses your every deed and thought. - Ben Ammi Ben Israel (God The Black Man and Truth)

The Institute of Regenerative Truth ~/~ Celebrating the life of a modern-day Moses: Ben Ammi Ben Israel




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