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Kingdom of Heaven - Ben Ammi and Prophecy

Overcoming deception becomes the greatest challenge before the messenger of God and Truth, for the people that have been decieved actually have no idea that such has occurred.
The Revival of the Holy Spirit - By ...

Ben Ammi, Messianic Leader of the Kingdom of Yah

The general public has been exposed to the intellect of Ben Ammi through his writings, collectively and appropriately called "The Resurrection Series." Such works as "God the Black Man and Truth"; "God and the Law of Relativity"; "The Messiah and the End of This World"; and "Everlasting Life ... from thought to reality." Yet he is much more than a writer!

Ben Ammi - Anoined Spiritual leader of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem

Ben Ammi, the source that brought Fame to Dimona, Israel

Ben Ammi was inspired by Yah to return the descendants of the Biblical Israelites to the Holy Land and establish the prophetic Kingdom of Yah ... we are here as a witness to the accomplishments of Ben Ammi!

In 1966, he recieved a vision in which the angel Gabriel revealed that the time had come for the descendants of the Biblical Israelites among African Americans, to return to the Promised Land and establish the Kingdom of Yah!

Ben Ammi and the prophesied Kingdom of Yah

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