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Make Money Playing Music

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Make Money Playing Guitar

"To make a living playing guitar, you must become self-motivated, and make sure your material is 'up to snuff.' You must also be able to promote your services like crazy, since most gigs won't just fall in your lap. Take out ads, hand out fliers, play some free gigs, and build name recognition." Article Source

"If you can entertain people you can make money playing guitar. ... Connecting with your audience, talking with them between sets, having good stage banter with the crowd; all of these things lead to more money. You can act as cool as you want, but it doesnt pay as well as being friendly. And that goes double with the person that hired you. You need to make them a fan by showing up on time, turning down if they ask you to and always cleaning up when youre done. If they like you as a person they will have a higher impression of you as a performer and will pay you more. " Read more


Learn To Play Guitar


The guitar is among the most popular musical instruments around. Because of how versatile the guitar is, it is a popular instrument to learn how to play. The guitar can play any kind of music that suits you interest whether it is rock, country or jazz or any other style of music. You may be interested in playing your favorite songs or maybe you are a budding songwriter and you would like to write your own songs.

Either way, the guitar would be the perfect instrument to learn in these cases. Like all musical instruments, if you want to learn to play the guitar you will need plenty of practice, perseverance and patience. Learning to play the guitar will be very rewarding experience if you stick with it and the guitar can give you many hours of enjoyment.

The Complete Guide to Learning the Guitar

Learn To Play Guitar

Make Money Playing Music

Music Money and Success 7th Edition: The Insider's Guide to Making Money in the Music Business [Paperback]


Music, Money and Success: The Insider's Guide to Making Money in the Music Busines is the industry bible and the ultimate guide to making money in the music business. Music is a business of money, contracts, decisions and making the most of every opportunity. To succeed - to make money - to have a career - you have to know what you are doing in both music and business.

This invaluable book tells you how the business works, what you must know to succeed, and how much money you can make in films, television, video games, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, record sales, downloads and streams, advertising, ringtones and ringbacks, interactive toys and dolls, Broadway, new media, scoring contracts and synch licenses, music publishing, foreign countries and much more.

This indispensable reference is written by industry insiders Todd Brabec, Educator, Entertainment Law Attorney and former ASCAP Executive Vice President and Worldwide Director of Membership, and Jeff Brabec, Vice President of Business Affairs, Chrysalis Music Publishing.

Music Money and Success 7th Edition: The Insider's Guide to Making Money in the Music Business

Music as Therapy

Reducing Stress
Music has been recognised a considerable time ago as a means which can reduce stress and pain and improve one's mood.

"A breakthrough study demonstrates that group keyboard lessons given to older Americans significantly improved anxiety, depression, and loneliness scores - three factors that are critical in coping with stress, stimulating the immune system, and improving health."

Music"...has far-reaching, hypnotic effects on the brain and soul, and can take complete control of the body and mind... it stands to reason and we must beware, for the effects can be good or evil." Ben Ammi; God the Black Man and Truth, pg 27

Positive Music

First of all, positive music is that brand of music which is spiritually uplifting. It's beneficial qualities enclude relaxing the listener and is emotionally calming yet mentally invigorating. Positive music is about the music itself, it's lyrics as well as the beat.

Positive music invokes love, joy, hope, peace, and stability. It provides a state of mind in which the person feels self-worth.

There is just one thing that positive music is not: It is not negative. Negative music invokes emotions such as frustration, anger, suspense, horror, fear, and states of mind such as mental exhaustion, and anxiety. Because of the quantity of negative music that society now accepts, there is now a great need to understand the difference between music that is positive, healthy and healing, and music that is negative, depressing, unhealthy and stress-inducing.





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