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Opportunity Seekers and Mail Order Dealers

Get listed on the Internet as a Mail Order Dealer or Opportunity seeker for at least one full Month (30 Days). Use the names on this list to send your offers to and also recieve Great offers from other dealers.

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Free List of Opportunity Seekers and MailOrder Dealers

Mail your opportunities and best offers to people who desire to receive them. Best of all this is a free list. The opportunity seekers on this list have shown interest in receiving your offer.

Free Listing on the Internet for Opportunity Seekers and MailOrder Dealers

To Add Your Advertising Here
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... its all FREE... 30 day rotation, maybe longer

Your Advertising Here for atleast 30 days!

Please Note: This advertisement is a free service and I have not made any claims to company's quality of service or product ... Be sure to do your own Research!

Sherwood Lummus
ATTN: Mail Order Dealer and Opportunity Seeker
PO Box 10841
Atlanta, Ga 30310-0841

MailOrder Discussion Group


Mail Order Wealth

The main goal of this site is to provide a place for businesses and customers to meet. In order to enhance everyones use of the list, we encourage comments and business tips along with your product or service offers to help improve our business experience.

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Sherwood Lummus
PO Box 10841
Atlanta, Ga. 30310-0841

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