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Motor Club of America (MCA)       Free Listing -      Date: 5/16/2013      Expire: 6/16/2013
From: Mark S. Lanson
I have joined another marketing company to add a direct mail side to my marketing plan for the Mothr Club of America (MCA) business opportunity that is sweeping across the United States and Canada. If you have been on the fence with MCA, this is where you will want to join! See website link below. The owner of this company, who has been a successful marketer for over 20 years, has designed a fantistic system that will even welcome Boomers and Seniors who would like to participate in this lucrative opportunity, but do not have computers. They will take care of the necessary computer task for them. This is a huge, untapped market of MCA prospects and they are the only company I have found that are doing this! Mailings can also be done for them through co-ops, postcards and letters. There are still over 395 million available prospects! They will also allow existing MCA Associates to plug into their system. If this is you, send your name and home address to of call me at (504) 233-3237 and leave your name and home address if I am not available. I will send you the details on this by email or mail. You will also have the option to participate in some other thoroughly researched and profitable opportunity at no additional marketing cost.

For those entrepreneurs or opportunity seekers who would like to start promoting MCA using this dual marketing concept, visit the new "Double Your Money" system website at Please enter code # ML533-2013 into the required field.      (504) 233-3237      or visit:      Double Your Money

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