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We offer you the best graduate prep test courses:
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Kaplan GRE Premier 2014 with 6 Practice Tests: book + online + DVD + mobile

Kaplan 12 Practice Tests for the SAT 2014

Kaplan SAT 2014 Strategies, Practice, and Review with 4 Practice Tests: book + online


Kaplan GREĀ® 2014 Strategies, Practice, and Review with 4 Practice Tests: Book + Online (Kaplan Gre Exam)

Kaplan ACT 2014 Premier with 6 Practice Tests: book + online + DVD + mobile (Kaplan Act (Book & Online))

Kaplan PSAT/NMSQT 2014 Strategies, Practice, and Review: book + online


Kaplan MCAT Practice Tests

Kaplan GMAT Premier 2014 with 6 Practice Tests: book + online + DVD + mobile

Kaplan ASVAB


The right course to take you from high school to college, through graduate school to a professional career!

The high school diploma is the symbol of having successfully completed the basic education required by law for youths. It is given to students at a ceremony called high-school graduation. A high school diploma is a diploma awarded for the completion of high school. In the United States and Canada, it is considered the minimum education required for government jobs and higher education.


GED - An equivalent of the high school diploma

GED: The Tests of General Educational Development, or GED Tests, is a battery of five tests that, when passed, certifies the taker has American or Canadian high school-level academic skills. To pass the GED Tests and earn a GED credential, test takers must score higher than 40 percent of graduating high school seniors nationwide. Some jurisdictions require that students pass additional tests, such as an English proficiency exam or civics test.

The tests were originally created to help veterans after World War II return to civilian life. Only individuals who have not earned a high school diploma may take the GED Tests.

College Board,
P.O. Box 6720,
Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6720;
phone (690) 771-7300.

ACT Registration Department,
P.O. Box 414,
Iowa City, Iowa 52243-0414;
phone (319) 337-1270


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