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New Mind - Conceptual Thinking for Making Money

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Creativity and right brain thinking will drive the economy of the future. Also See: Eastern Mindset Philosophy

We are in the fourth of four ages of this present world social system. This age is a revolutionary age of Right-Brain thinkers! The first age was the "agricultural age" (the age of farmers); the second age was the "industrial age" (the age of factory workers); and the third age was the "information age", the age of (knowledge workers).

Do you believe that money is a positive resource or a distraction that is lowering your consciousness? Money provide easier means to get food, clothing, shelter, heat, transportation, education, technology, entertainment, medicine, and so on.

The secret to being Rich is in the knowing that you can choose to be wealthy by purposely changing your thoughts. You can change your mindset which, in turn, will lead you to a happier, wealthier life.

Money has no inherent value of its own, only the value assigned to it through social agreement. Money is a medium of exchange - a tool to be used just like any other tools. Use this tool called money wisely and you can create wealth to no limits.

If we truly desire to be wealthy (and that is a noble desire), we need to learn the minor distinction between the concept of "to make money" and "to create Abundance."

This is the age of "Creators and Empathizers".

Right brain thinkers are driven by their intuition. In this age of right-brain thinking, we take a holistic approach to many situations and try and synthesize our environments and resources to gain a complete experience. Right brain thinkers are well suited for this as they are creative and innovative - working well in teams because they can appreciate all the team members as well as what they are able to contribute to the team.

The random minds of the right-brain thinker allow them think outside the box and approach situations with an open mind allowing for subjectivity, thus being able to see and value many of the small things that can be overlooked.

Right-Brain thinkers may not be able to prove why something will work but they know it will. This type of reasoning is why right brain thinkers are the visionaries of this new age.

The Big Picture

Eastern cultures honor Right Brain thinkers more-so than do western cultures. In western cultures, the right-brain thinkers are seen as less smart because of the manner in which they process information. Right brainers think and learn in visual, kinesthetic and audio images instead of Point to Point. Right brainers don't like to jump through hoops to get something done. They also don't like to follow rules which don't make sense to them. They see the big picture quickly and what you are asking them to do in steps doesn't seem necessary because they are at the end of the process already.

Changing from lack of money to creating abundance

Switching from Left-brain (competive) never having enough - to Right-brain Creating Abundance, is a matter of the words we allow to program our minds. We can become more creative and find creative ways to make money just by thinking about things differently.

Your Brain is Powerful. It can discern from your personal experience, combine with knowledge of Internet marketing and related topics about business, then development the mindset for success. But, while your brain is powerful, it is our mind that allow us to overcome "Mental Issues" - the obstacles in our heads that prevent us from obtaining success.

Creating Abundance instead of chasing the dream of Making Money

It is the competitive mindset that makes the assumption that there is never enough - never enough money. The creative mindset, however, makes the assumption that there is always an infinite amount of whatever is needed when it’s needed. "The Law of Attraction" is the mindset we use to "attract true wealth to us." However, the competitive mindset, the very mindset that cause's one to go chasing after money, is also the mindset that chase the money away.

Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed By Words and Frequences

"THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes."

"This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. " It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language.

Keys to the kingdom age of abundance

The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind. The last few decades has been ruled by a certain kind of person - the person with a kind of mind that could crank code (computer programmers), or who could craft contracts (lawyers), or who could crunch numbers (MBAs).

Today - in this "Kingdom Age", the "world" will be ruled by those with a very different kind of mind. The future belongs to the Creators and Empathizers, those with the ability to recognize patterns and make meaning of things.

These will be the people (like in ancient eastern cultures) who are; the artists, storytellers, caregivers, consolers, inventors, designers, big picture thinkers that will shape society's riches and rewards.

A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future

The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: artists, inventors, storytellers-creative and holistic "right-brain" thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn't.

Drawing on research from around the world, Pink outlines the six fundamentally human abilities that are absolute essentials for professional success and personal fulfillment-and reveals how to master them. A Whole New Mind takes readers to a daring new place, and a provocative and necessary new way of thinking about a future that's already here.
A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future

Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative

"It is often said that education and training are the keys to the future. They are, but a key can be turned in two directions. Turn it one way and you lock resources away, even from those they belong to. Turn it the otherway and you release resources and give people back to themselves. To realize our true creative potential - in our organizations, in our schools and in our communities - we need to think differently about ourselves and to act differently towards each other. We must learn to be creative."
-Ken Robinson Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
(Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61)

With his bestselling spiritual guide The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle inspired millions of readers to discover the freedom and joy of a life lived "in the now". In A New Earth, Tolle expands on these powerful ideas to show how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world. Tolle describes how our attachment to the ego creates the dysfunction that leads to anger, jealousy, and unhappiness, and shows readers how to awaken to a new state of consciousness and follow the path to a truly fulfilling existence.
A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61)

Superconscious Meditation: Kundalini & the Understanding of the Whole Mind

Superconscious Meditation: Kundalini & the Understanding of the Whole Mind by Daniel R. Condron Paperback
Superconscious Meditation: Kundalini & the Understanding of the Whole Mind





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