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Music for Praise

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Blessings to your coming! - (Barook Ha Ba! in the language of the Bible)

Enjoy Music for Praise and entertainment! Music produce many effects on our lives.

Music can determin the mood of a people. It provide a series of thought waves that causes the person to think wise or foolish things. It can cause you to do "good" or do "evil".

Sound can be used to make your heart beat healthy. Some music makes you happy other music can make you sad. There are sounds that can destroy the ear drums or shatter glass. Likewise, there is music that can shatter your mind or enrich your soul.

Music, therefore, has a far reaching effect on the brain and soul. It can be, and in most cases, hypnotic; taking control of the body and mind.

We can understand how music and voice, through the principle of rhythm, may be used to heal and transform. There is a sacred power in the vibrations of sound.

Let the rhythm of our music take you to heaven on earth. Enjoy the best from African Hebrew Edenic music.

Music is thought to link all of the emotional, spiritual, and physical elements of the universe - these effects are instant and long lasting.

It has been shown - through research - that High school students who study music have higher grade point averages that those who don't. Music education also help to improve students listening skills. Students who are exposed to music, also develop faster physically.






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