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Path: List building Successfully

Build your list of Potential Customers

In order to generate sales on your site, you have to market to specific audiences based upon the products you are trying to sale. Let us help you to Build your list of Potential customers.

Email Marketing

Incentive to Sign Up

In order to get your visitors to sign up for your offer, there must be an incentive. The incentive should be relevant to your email campaign.

As an Affiliate, you can earn weekly and monthly commissions by referring businesses to!

Generating Traffic

One great way to get a lot of traffic is to advertise in an ezine (email magazine) that is targeted to the niche market from which you would like traffic. For example: if your website is about trucks, then place a "solo ad" in an Ezine that cater to people who buy trucks and truck accessories. Specially if that ezine has a readership of 20,000 to over 100,000 people.

Guaranteed Traffic

We can send up to 1,000,000 visitors to your website -- Guaranteed Traffic

Dear Web Site Owner...

We can send up to 1,000,000 visitors to your website -- starting immediately! Would you like to have thousands of potential customers looking at your website, ready to buy your product or service? If so, then read on ...

Do you know why almost every online business fails?

It's simple really. They don't have anyone visiting their websites. The web has become so large that unless you spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising nobody is going to find you. If people can't find you, they can't order anything from you. To put it simply:

No Traffic = No Sales

Here is what we will do for you:

Send HIGH QUALITY TRAFFIC to your website in the form of Full Page Pop-Up's, not banner impressions or emails!

Give you a login for REAL TIME stats so you can monitor our progress.

Guarantee your results - you WILL get the number of hits you purchased within 30 days, or less!

Lets assume you have a product that sells for $10. If you purchase 100,000 guaranteed visitors you would make $1,000.00 based on a 0.1% (one tenth of one percent) response rate. Imagine if you were to get a 1% or higher response!

Lets look at the possibilities:

Response Rate --- Total Sales --- You Earn*
0.1% ------------ 100 ----------- $1,000.00
1% -------------- 1,000 --------- $10,000.00
5% -------------- 5,000 --------- $50,000.00

We have packages to suit any budget and can start sending traffic to your website right away!

Visit for your Guaranteed Visitors today!


You know how important it is to generate leads for your business. You also know you need those leads to stay afloat on the Internet. Now, you know the best AutoResponder Email Marketing Lead Generator to use -!

Email Marketing

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