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What do we really mean when we speak of becoming immortal in this physical world?

Can physical immortality - immortality of the human soul, truly be gained by human beings? Is immortality a function of the ephemeral mortal world, is immortality innate?

It is often reported that the human cell can divide and replace itself up to about 50 times (also known as the Hayflick limit). In science, it is reported that the cells of the human body are fated for collective suicide. This internal suicide program is believed to be triggered after a certain age and the human life support system begins to collapse.

However, it seems that the only exceptions are the cancer cells that have somehow superseded nature's suicide code. A few cells obtained from the Baltimore based Henrietta Lacks, who died of cancer in 1951, have now gone up to billions and are alive in laboratories around the world, still dividing profusely. A curious kind of immortality, as it appear that these cells can be kept alive and dividing in the lab till the edge of eternity.

Those who dream of gaining physical immortality must always remember that both heaven and hell are interim stages in the life cycle of the soul. A long life demands discipline, the type of discipline taught in the ancient adage against sloth, greed and gluttony.

With death being the focal point of most religions, why should I want immortality?

In a deathless world, what will happen to religion and morality?

How do we negate the need of external laws? Do we create another set of religions? What happens to the population explosion? With zero mortality rate, does the reproduction process stop altogether? Do we reach out across stars to build colonies on other planets?

If an individual became immortal, truly lived for centuries, his or her psyche (mind/thoughts) would have to change. Actually, their perceptions and thinking process would have to be radically different in order to gain immortality!



Strengthen Your Immune System

Health food stores carry a variety of acidophilus supplements in capsule, liquid and powder form.

Billions of friendly microscopic organisms that comprise the Intestinal Flora help maintain the proper acidic balance in the intestinal tract. This product is free of preservatives, artificial colors, flavorings, yeast, soy, wheat, lactose, starch, sugar. Manufactured by DYNAMIC HEALTH

Lactic acid producing bacteria live and work in the gastrointestinal tract and protect us from harmful disease-causing bacteria. There are over 100 trillion microorganisms in the healthy human body. Some 400 different species flourish in your intestinal tract; aiding in digestion, absorption, and the production of significant amounts of B vitamins and enzymes.

  • Over time, the colonies of friendly bacteria just naturally age and lose their vitality.
  • Disruptions and changes in the acid/alkaline balance of the bowels can play a major role in reducing the growth of beneficial bacteria. In addition, these changes tend to favor the growth of harmful viral and fungal organisms as well as putrefactive, disease-causing bacteria.
  • A diet high in meats and fats, because they take so long to break down in the human body, promotes the growth of the harmful, putrefying bacteria.
  • Virtually all meat and chicken and dairy that you eat (other than organic) is loaded with antibiotics, which destroy ALL of the beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) are destructive to intestinal flora.
  • Chlorine in the drinking water serves to kill harmful bacteria in the water but, is also equally devastating to the colonies of beneficial bacteria living in the intestines.
  • Radiation and chemotherapy are devastating to your inner bacterial environment.
  • Constipation allows harmful bacteria to hang around longer, which allows them to proliferate.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol, and stress are also major culprits; as are some antibiotic herbs, such as goldenseal when taken in sufficient quantity.
  • And antibiotics indiscriminately destroy both bad and good bacteria, even medicinal antibiotics, allowing virulent, mutant strains of harmful microorganisms to emerge and run rampant inside the body.

Probiotic Acidophilus

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