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Are You Hungry for Wealth?
By Sherwood Lummus

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Hunger as a metaphor, can be used for a variety of topics in addition to the traditional meaning. In its traditional sense, it causes a desire to eat. This is usually an unpleasant feeling that is mediated by satiety or the feeling of fullness and the disappearance of appetite after a meal.

The simple equation is: no food equals hunger. However, often times what we eat do not bring satisfaction. This is the results when the foods that we eat do not have the nutrition to sustain our bodies. Thus improper or insufficient diet can cause malnutrition and leaves us with the desire to continue to eat.

Poverty is like unto malnutrition. It is the insufficient capital in out bank account. Capital in general, refers to one's financial wealth, especially when it is used to start or maintain a business. The lack of financial wealth will cause that old unpleasant feeling of hunger to visit us. If we are not hungry for wealth, we will not seek ways to obtain wealth.

Many times when we are hungry, we do not know what we hungry for; we just want some food in our stomach. This is often true of those who hunger for wealth, they just want money. But just having money will not satisfy the hunger for wealth. We must define wealth in order to satisfy the hunger for it.

Wealth is a term that originally described the possession of such qualities as "well-being" or "welfare". It has come to mean the gaining of an abundance of items of economic value, or the state of controlling the possession of such items, and encompasses money, real estate and personal property. This latter meaning often leads to greed and the lack of well-being. True well-being could be though of as sufficiency in food, shelter, education and healthcare rather than the abundance in physical gains.


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When we think of wealth (our well-being) in this manner, we will desire the things that will feed and satisfy our hunger for wealth. There is an ancient concept that says “the more we give without seeking something in return - the wealthier we become.” This giving leads to being reborn (becoming a new person) in happy states and material wealth. However, the lack of giving leads to unhappy states and poverty.

The way to apply this is to give people something of value, and they in turn will give you something of value. We can change materials into something more valuable through the proper application of knowledge, skills, labor and equipment. This is sometimes obvious to those working with physical material, however, a service worker or knowledge worker can benefit from the same principle. When a person receives a product or service, they profit or benefit in that they did not have to spend extra time and energy to create the product or perform the task themselves.

The person who created the product or provided the service, benefits when the value of everything that went into the production of the product or service is met. This will usually result in a certain amount of income for the producer. There is a difference between income and wealth.

Wealth could be viewed as the total accumulation of income over time. Income is a change in the flow of profits. The more people you give to, provide a value of service or product, in the shortest period of time, the faster you will satisfy your hunger for wealth. Everyone has within themselves, some unique knowledge or skill that is of value to others.

All we have to do is to look within ourselves and find that unique product or skill and share it with as many people as we can. They in turn will share with us and satisfy our hunger for wealth.

Sherwood Lummus is an Affiliate Marketer for several programs

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