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Hovercrafts fly on a cushion of air; gliding across the sea, lakes, rivers, grassland, marsh, sand, snow and ice! Hovercrafting is, in my opinion, kind of like a cross between boating and flying. You actually fly on a cushion of air above the water when hovercrafting

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Air Cushion Vehicles (Hovercraft)

The act of being safe means reducing exposure to unnecessary risks and being able to efficiently deal with emergency situations should they arise. Hovercraft operation may include passage to remote areas that are not readily accessible by conventional emergency service resources. Also, this may include operations into uncharted and/or fast moving water which adds greatly to the potential for an unplanned situation.

Generally, all law which applies to small boats will apply to the operation of hovercrafts. This include such issues as registration, personal flotation devices and fire extinguishers. It should also be noted that some states also now require that operator identification be carried on board. Remember, safty rules were developed to save lives.

Become familiar with marine right of way, most states offer manuals and/or courses in safe boat operation for little to no charge. See what the Georgia Department of Natural Resources offers its residents Click Here!.

Hovercrafting in Georgia

Georgia contains an estimated 20,000 miles of rivers and streams.

Boater Education - Operate a Personal Water Craft (PWC)

Chestatee River above Lake Lanier

Horseshoe Rapid on the Chattahoochee above Lake Lanier

Chattooga River Georgia DNR
"The Chattooga is a tributary of Weiss Reservoir. It originates near Lafayette and meanders about 51 miles southwest. A narrow river channel with numerous hazards makes most of the river floatable only by canoe or small boat. Large prop and jet boats can navigate the river below Ga. Hwy. 27 with caution."

Sprewell Bluff on the Flint River


Georgia Noise Related Statutes

52-7-10. Exhausts to be muffled; exemptions; noise level testing
(a) The exhaust of every internal combustion engine used on any vessel, excluding those vessels documented by the United States Coast Guard and licensed pursuant to Code Section 27-2-8, shall be muffled or baffled and water injected, except those engines that exhaust through the lower unit or outdrive when the vessel is on plane, so as to decrease noise. Vessels competing in regattas or boat races approved under the provisions of Code Section 52-7-19 may be exempt from such provisions.
(b) The operator of any vessel, when requested to do so by any law enforcement officer authorized to enforce this title, shall submit the vessel to a noise level test.


Hovercraft Regulations

Hovercrafting is a relatively new recreational activity so there is no legislative body governing hovercraft. "For the most part, hovercraft are self-regulated by the Hoverclub of America." - Hovercraft Regulations

List of rivers of Georgia (U.S. state) List of rivers in Georgia and Brown'r guide to Georgia

A calendar of hovercrafting Events at Hoverclub of America and photos from the Atlanta Jam (2008 MonsterJams at the Georgia Dome and the Miami Dolphins Stadium )

Roswell Purchases Hovercraft "The city recently bought a hovercraft vehicle for use within the local waters of the Chattahoochee River." Roswell Fire Department emergency rescue including boat/watercraft rescue, water and ice related rescue, swift water rescue, and swimming/recreational rescue.

Engineering & Environmental Research; Projects: Air Cushion Vehicles (Hovercraft) - Hovercraft Evaluation in many areas of operations.

Interesting information at: Areospace Education Georgia Wing




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