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Health Affects wealth - Your health is your wealth

What Good is Wealth without Health?

Health is the condition of your body and/or mind with regard to soundness and vigor. Your health affects all areas of your life, even your wealth. Your health is your wealth!

We usually recognize that bad health can present some challenges for us, but we are quick to dismiss them when we are feeling well. Your health has just as much effect on your wealth as; the loss of job, saving too little or saving too much, uninsured medical claims, retiring too early, identity theft, or poor credit management. Many people lack an understanding of the true value of their health until they lose it.

Insure your Wealth with positive Health!

Positive thinking affect health. While the benefits of positive thinking permeate your entire life, the effects of positive thinking leads to positive action. Positive thinking has an integral effect upon your health and therefore, it effect your wealth and your success; both personally and professionally.

There are at lest three things that will help you to have better health, thus be able to attract more wealth: Detox your body, breath pure air and drink pure water.

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Why I take a vitamin or Dietary Supplement!

The best possible source for obtaining the micronutrients our body needs is from the food we eat, especially fruits and vegetables. The main reason I personally take supplements is for the insurance against gaps in my diet. Some times circumstances prevent me from eating optimally every day. Also, from reports that I have read, some important vitamins (such as D and E) and minerals are protective against disease in amounts that may be difficult to obtain through diet alone. However, Supplements are only one aspect of maintaining optimum health - lifestyle is the real key.



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