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Advertise Banners to get lots of Traffic

Consider banner advertisement.

Most everyone on the internet is looking for is information. If your banner is providing promising information, the click thoughs will be very good. Banner advertising act upon the senses in a way that words alone can not, this is one reason that banners are so effective. With so many traffic exchanges becoming "Social Networks", its just possible that you may Get 22,000 hits per day!

Banner advertisement was one of the primer methods of online marketing in the beginning of the Internet era. Today however, things are very much different. The over use of banners on web pages has forced many of us to train our eyes not to notice banners any more. Visitors tend to avoid clicking on banners unless there is some very compelling reasons to do so. But that does not mean that banner advertisement is dead.

Banner advertisement can still be very effective. They are used today, either for creating brand recognition or for bringing in more traffic to the website and consequently generating more sales. Your banner ad should carry one single message that focus on one offer. Choose an attention grabbing headline with content that holds the viewer's attention. And, make sure to have a "call to action" such as "Click Here"!

A Banner is a highly cost effective method of introducing potential customers to your company, product, or service. Banner advertising and promotion works to get targeted traffic to your website and to build brand recognition.

Effective banner advertising display your message and brand in a 468 x 60 pixel image across a network of high-traffic partner web sites. Surfers with an interest in your message will click through to your site to order your product or get more information on your offers.

You can advertise banners on your website or place them in traffic exchange sites. It is usually free to join most traffic exchanges and place at least one banner in their network. The Top traffic exchanges get lots of hits on a daily bases.


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Are You Graphically Challenged?

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Examples of some good banners

These banners still work well for me.

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