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Eager Zebra Games for Fun and Profit

Games are an integral part of our childhood and a boost to adult success.

Giving your brain a regular workout will bring you many benefits. Playing games that require you to think will increase your brain activity, provide emotional satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, improved memory and ability to process information faster.

As we age it will help slow down mental decline, reduce the risk of dementia, improve concentration and reduce boredom.

In business it can help you develop new patterns of thinking. Because we're creatures of habit our ability to succeed can be inhibited by our pattern of thinking. Developing new ways of thinking will increase the amount of available information, expose alternative viewpoints, and provide creative solutions.

If you find yourself stuck and not making progress it's because your pattern of thinking is holding you back. Your entrepreneurial pursuits will only continue to be inhibited unless you change the way you think.

When we play games we learn a work ethic as we set our minds to achieving better results each time we play.

We learn the value of competition and goal setting. We learn to have fun while we work hard towards goals and in team sports or games we learn teamwork, and how to serve others with our contribution to the team.

Playing the games is about far more than making money selling T-credits. It builds business skills, personal skills, and helps you expand you knowledge and improve your reaction time. You think smarter and faster with just a few games of Knock Out Trivia under your belt, and Time Machine keeps you abreast of current events.

You learn, you practice, you work hard, and you win big.

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My favorite Eager Zebra Games are:

Eager Zebra Games Time Machine ~ Time Machine because it keeps you abreast of current events and T-Time because of the FREE TCredits awarded every hour to the winner and you can play every hour untill you win for that day. You can predict the answer to a coming event and win the Time Machine Zackpot.

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Eager Zebra Games Pick The Price ~ You predict the final price of a Pricebenders auction and win a share of the PTP Daily Zackpot.

If you love Sports, you will love this!


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