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Newsgroups, ezines and newsletters provide a great source for advertising and learning

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Ezines, NewsGroups and NewsLetters

Posting Free Classifieds to Ezines, Newsgroups and newsletters provide a great advertising source for Affiliate Programs, Mail Order, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and a Host of Income Opportunities. They also provide valuable information on many subjects such as Music (new style and positive)!

Please feel free to invite others to join and they also can invite even more to join. We all benefit from the list growing. Thus, we have an increasing "Free" list of people to receive our offers.


MailOrder Wealth

Mail Order Wealth is for anyone who wish to make money in mail order and Internet marketing. The main goal of this site is to provide a place for businesses and customers to meet. Join Now

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Profitable Income Opportunities

This NewsLetter is for those who wish to make more money in affiliate marketing, online and offline (direct mail). We bring you information which can increase your income from home in multi-level marketing and direct sales. Join Now

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This group is for Direct Mail Opportunities. Mail your opportunities and best offers to people who desire to receive them. Best of all this is a free list. The opportunity seekers on this list have shown interest in receiving your offer. If you would like to receive free offers in the mail, you can get listed here also. You can receive thousands of potential money making offers in the mail. Post your name, Address and Zip. The group is moderated; all unacceptable ads will be deleted! Post your name and Address along with your offer and get the name and address of other opportunity seekers. Then mail them your best offer! Join Now

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Edenic World

This ezine is to provide a place for questions and answers about the Edenic World. Share your thoughts about the contents of this website. A verity of subjects ranging from Africa Edenic Biblical knowledge to health and fitness and life and culture in general. See what others say about us.

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Positive Music

This is the place to discuss the effects of music on our lives. There is a positive alternative to the music which is destroying the minds of the people today! Join Now

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Everlasting Health

All things which contribute to health and life will be covered. You will be able to learn about Breath, Food, Proper Clothing, Mind (stress controll) and the Spiritual essence of life itself. Join Now

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