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How to Succeed in Your Own Business


There are many successful entrepreneurs. Here in SFI, we can gain inspiration from those who have achieved great success in this business. However, in order to be successful ourselves, we need a plan of success and then we need to follow that plan. While there is no clear-cut success formula for succeeding in business, there are a few steps that we can take to insure our success.

To start with, we need to have a dream and an unquenchable desire to achieve that dream, cause it to manifest into reality. It requires courage to follow your dreams, as often times you will be alone with your dreams and the work required to fulfill those dreams. It also requires perseverance, the steadfastness in working your plan despite whatever difficulty or delay you might encounter in achieving success.

Most of us have probably heard the phrase, "Find your niche." This should be something you are knowledgeable about and/or have enough interest in so that you will put forth the effort to fully learn about the business.


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When you find the right niche, it will be easier for you to commit to your business idea and to commit to all those people who are part of your plans. These can be your employees (team members in a network marketing company), friends and / or family members.



Another aspect of business success is self-discipline as well as being able to be flexible. There is a great deal of freedom that comes with being in business for yourself. This freedom can also lead to complacency. However, your business will only survive if you maintaing a high degree of self-discipline - the needed discipline ot work your business plan. Remember, you have no one to anserw to but yourself, no boss telling you when to work or how much work to do.

Flexible, however, means that you need to learn to adapt your idea to the current needs of the day. Try to avoid mistakes, but they do happen, simply learn to use the mistakes you make as teaching tools of doing business. Each mistake can be a step stool to a higher level of wisdom.

Make sure that your business provide a needed product or service, or, that there is a high demand for your product or service. Then present (market) your business to the maximum customers. In the beginning customers will not be coming to you - you will need to take your product or service to the customer.



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