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Why get an Education?

Education, in the largest sense, is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. We provide resources for pre-K, K-12 and college education - students and teachers. If you are searching for resources beyond the standard curriculum, you are in the right place.

Explore a collection of education resources for colleges and universities, teachers, public and private schools, tuition, scholarships, financial aid and student loans.

Get the fundamental building blocks for human development; K- 12 schools, adult and continuing education, distance learning and basics for poverty reduction.

The reason we seek to get a higher education is to make the "world a better place." As an entrepreneur, you can control your own time. You will have the freedom to build a new vibrant society. A society with dedication to life unto Yah (God). This new society would have a spiritual value system as it's standard of achievements. New World Educators can help you reach your goals.

Dedication vs Education

Education in former times was called "dedication" instead of "education." Dedication is that which set you on the path toward dedicating your life unto Yah (God). Your education should be a higher dedication to Yah and His Kingdom. Thus, education in Holiness is the answer to the death and destructive course the world has set itself on today.

There are three disciplines; spirit (mind), body and soul, maintaining these three disciplines will lock you in the cycle of everlasting life (an existence without death). Lack of discipline (disorder) in society leaves the people with the erroneous impression that it (things in life) is merely a "matter of preference."

Most "Western" education, while imposing its value system, causes the people to lose all sense of prophetic time, their prophetic place and prophetic destiny. If you remove Yah(God) from the center of the process of learning, the mundane instead of the spiritual becomes your standard of achievements.

New World Educators help you to secure your place in the future. Balance the three disciplines; mind, body and soul to become a New World Definer.

New World Definers

New World Definers must learn, explain and define clearly to the people what it is that we who are struggling for true freedom are seeking, so they can see clearly that they have not recieved it (freedom). Thus, deliverance - victory over the forces that oppose a righteous society will be achieved.

The New World Definers are those who are empowered with the ability to chart the course for a New World Direction. They have the sovereign right to name, rename, surname, and even nickname every living thing. This right is encompassed in the Power to Define.

New World Educators have the dedication to education that will help you become a New World Definer!



In this treasury of learning center activities, teachers will find delightful ideas and projects that integrate almost every aspect of the curriculum into each center. Fresh and engaging activities develop skills in a variety of areas—blocks, literacy, science, dramatic play, art, and more. Create learning center magic in the classroom each and every day!

The Big Book of Pre-K Learning Centers: Activities, Ideas & Strategies That Meet the Standards, Build Early Skills & Prepare Children for Kindergarten




Some colleges offer work-study programs where-by the students can work to help pay their college expenses. Some student may have to get a student loan. These are loans that are generally at lower rates than other types of loans and are repaid after the student finishes college. Student's may qualify for certain grants and or scholarshops if their grade point average is high enough, or they meet other criteria.


From the publishers of the Number 1 ACT, PSAT and SAT prep software! Get a higher score on your PSAT, SAT or ACT. Platinum Edition SAT/PSAT/ACT software effectively targets your weaknesses and turns them into strengths! Practice, review and learn the tips, secrets and test-taking strategies that have helped millions of students get into the nation’s top colleges and universities. The program features an effective combination of personalized instruction, realistic practice tests and score-raising strategies to help you get a higher score and get into the college of your dreams. Practice with more than 3,000 test questions on 20 realistic full-length tests that will familiarize you with exam formats and timing. Learn preparation tips and exam strategies, plus get immediate scoring and analysis, interactive tutorials, a guarantee and bonus features!Higher Score on the SAT & PSAT: Includes 10 full-length SAT exams, 5 full-length PSATs, more than 400 flash cards, tutorials for and analysis of your math, critical reading and writing skills, and more!Higher Score on the ACT: Includes content review in English, math, reading and scientific reasoning, complete discussion and review of each question type, 5 full-length practice ACT exams, and more!Complete Preparation & Practice: Peer tutors make instruction more fun and easier to understand, and realistic testing includes the ability to see the entire test, 1 or 2 pages at once, or however you want. With the virtual pencil filling in the bubble answer sheet in actual time, you will know how long the test will really take you to complete. Bonus Features: The online bonus features allow you to share progress and results with teachers, mentors or parents, run a comprehensive analysis of your test-taking actions to better target your strengths and weaknesses, and more!





Many colleges will accept satisfactory GED test results in lieu of high school graduation, accepting the scores on the GED in place of usual admission criteria. The GED tests are used extensively in the United States and in some Canadian provinces.


America's #1 guide to acing the GED just got better

Fully updated to reflect the latest exam guidelines, McGraw-Hill's GED has established itself as the bestselling GED study guide by giving the hundreds of thousands of people who each year take the high school equivalency exam everything they need to ace the test. It features precisely targeted assessments, easy-to-follow instructions, extensive practice, and simulated GED tests for all five subject areas covered in the exam--Language Arts, Writing; Social Studies; Science; Language Arts, Reading; and Mathematics.

McGraw-Hill's GED w/ CD-ROM: The Most Complete and Reliable Study Program for the GED Tests




Save up to two years of college expenses by testing out. The CLEP examinations alows you to Test Out of some first year college courses. You earn college credit for skills and knowledge you already possess. The examination measure the students achievement in general subjects of natural sciences, mathematics, social science/history, and humanities/literature.

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a group of standardized tests that assess college-level knowledge in several subject areas.

CLEP consists of a series of examinations that test an individual's college level knowledge gained through course work, independent study, cultural pursuits.

CLEP exams are administered throughout the year at over 1400 colleges and universities in the United States and abroad

CLEP test scores are accepted at nearly 3000 colleges and other institutions of higher learning.


Every year, students save countless hours and dollars by taking advantage of the College Board’s CLEP® examinations. CLEP allows students to get college credit by earning a passing score on any of 33 exams covering introductory-level subjects. There are more than 2,900 colleges and universities that will grant credit for CLEP. The CLEP Official Study Guide 2012, developed by the test maker, is the only official study resource for all 33 CLEP exams. It includes practice questions for all exams, exam descriptions, and test-taking tips and strategies.

CLEP Official Study Guide 2012



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