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Path: Education

Education is the art of change, the gradual process of acquiring knowledge by learning and following instructions; "education is a preparation for life". When you change your mind - you change your world! It is those set of instructions designed to improve critical life and social skills, such as decision-making, refusal skills, critical analysis and the abilitie to make systematic judgment.

In the United States and Canada, public schools provide education in kindergarten (primary education) to twelfth grade (secondary education). Educational institutions such as universities, colleges, and technical schools that are overseen and funded by government rather than private entities, are also consider to be public schools.

Some General Facts About College Education

Education should be a continuous process. It is essentially the process leading to the reconciliation of the human and divine elements in the constitution of a human being. It is the right relationship between God and man, spirit and matter. The whole and the part has to be a prime objective of all educational techniques. Knowledge of itself is a dead end. It has to be brought into a functioning relationship with the environment, social responsibilities, historical trends, human and world conditions. Above all, knowledge has to bring an evolution of consciousness that brings the infinite vastness of the unknown within the range of the finite human mind.

Education is to learn and do that which brings harmony between your mind, body and spirit. We believe that the individual must be understood within the larger wholes of society, from the groups to which he belongs (starting with his or her personal relationships), to the larger whole of mankind. The wellbeing of each individual, your Health, begans in the recognition of our social embeddedness and the need for developing an interest in the welfare of others, as well as a respect for nature. We use an interdisciplinary(1) approach to work toward becoming an integrated whole, expressed through a self-consistent unity of thinking, feeling, and action, moving toward an unconscious but harmonious goal of making a profit.

The new school year

As fall approaches, pupils and parents are making preparation for the new school year. Students of all ages, from kindergarten to college, are getting ready to head back to school - new and used textbooks, small appliances, clothes and shoes, lunchboxes and snacks


Back-to-School Savings:
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Amazon Student:
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Below C Level: How American Education Encourages Mediocrity - and What We Can Do about It

All too often in American education, mediocrity pays. Efforts to reform and improve schools will continue to fail until that fundamental problem is addressed. Below C Level provides a road map for success from a veteran PBS and NPR reporter. According to John Merrow, these changes won't be easy, but our country has no choice if we wish to remain a competitive democracy. John Merrow has been reporting on education for 35 years. In this collection of provocative essays, covering teaching and learning from preschool to prisons, he describes the challenges facing our nation and offers thoughtful analysis and solutions.

(1)Interdisciplinary is a term of art in several professions concerned with education and training that refers to the qualities of studies that cut across several established disciplines or traditional fields of study. This involves researchers, students, and teachers in the goals of connecting and integrating several academic disciplines, professions, or technologies, along with their specific perspectives, in the pursuit of a common task.(Return)




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