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Hebrewism: African American - Israel Connection

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African American Israel Connection

The truth about the heritage of African Americans!

Have you ever wondered the how and why of African/American Slavery? Would you like to know the True history of the people called "African Americans"? Have you ever wondered why God alowed the Black Man from Africa to become slaves in America? Do you wish to know what the future holds for the Africans in America?

There is a major connection between the Black Man of America and the Hebrews of Israel. Find out the connection between Africans, African Americans and the people of the Bible called Jews! This is the beginning of a series of works, a New Awakening for the righteous people seeking to understand the truth about the present, past and future of this planet.

African Americans, the Slave Trade and Hebrewism!

Genesis 15:13 "Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them, and they shall afflict them four hundred years."

Black people (African Americans) are the seed of Abraham of whom Yah (God) spoke. It is the African Hebrews (African Americans) who were enslaved and became second-class citizens in service to a strange people for more than 400 years. Many Israelites migrated to the nations of Africa as they were driven out of their land in 70 C.E. by the Romans. The nations whom the Europeans enslaved, the Ashanti, the Fulani, the Ewe, the Yoruba, the Banta and others were in fact Hebrew Israelites.

Hebrewism of West Africa


The dispersion of the Israelites to west Africa and the enslavement of 40 million African to Europe and the Americas resulted in the African Hebrews being called African Americans.

Egypt and Ethiopia

Egypt and Ethiopia were considered one and the same in the Holy Scriptures. Often they are synonymous in the Bible and the term Egypt was once used to mean all of Africa. The original Hebrews (according to some ancient historians) were a group of Ethiopians and Egyptians who were forced to leave Egypt. For more information study the writtings of some of the early historians like Flavius Josephus, Plutarch, Celus, Eusebris, Tacitus and Diodorus. Also, The Original African Heritage Study Bible is a great source of knowledge about African Hebrewisms.

See African Jews ~ Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Some Jewish communities in Africa are among the oldest in the world, dating back more than 2700 years. African Jews have ethnic and religious diversity and richness. African Jewish communities include:" "Sephardi Jews and Mizraḥi Jews living in North Africa, including Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan and Egypt." ~ "Ghana - The House of Israel community of Sefwi Wiawso and Sefwi Sui in the Western Region claim that their Sefwi ancestors are descendants of Jews who migrated south through Côte d'Ivoire."

See Zimbabwe ~ Jews in Africa

"The Jews of Rusape, Zimbabwe claim ancient Hebrew tribal connections—in fact, they claim that most Black Africans (especially the Bantu peoples) are actually of Ancient Hebrew origin. However, the active practice of Judaism in the Rusape community dates back only to the early twentieth century; in this case, to 1903. (Despite the chronological proximity of the beginnings of observance in these two communities, a historical relationship between them should not be inferred: there is no evidence whatsoever to indicate the existence of any relationship between them, aside from their interest in Judaism.) This community, although no longer believing in Jesus as the Messiah like Christians do, does believe that Jesus was a prophet, however the community also believes that all people on Earth are prophets as well and so Jesus had no high or special status. Currently the community is moving towards more mainstream Judaism. This group believes that the majority of African peoples are descendants of the 12 lost tribes of Israel and that most Africans have Hebraic practices."

Side Note ~ but of interest to African Jews ~ Karaite Jews or Karaite Israelites
Karaites in the Holocaust? A Case of Mistaken Identity ~ by Nehemia Gordon

"The name 'Karaite' means Hebrew Scripturalist (from the old Hebrew 'Kara' meaning Scripture). Karaite Jews, or as some prefer the more precise term Karaite Israelites, are Jews/ Israelites who live by the Hebrew Scriptures without addition or subtraction. 'Karaite Jew' is not an ethnic designation. Some Karaite Jews were born into Karaite Jewish families, others were born as Rabbanite Jews who repented and embraced the Hebrew Scriptures, while still others were born as Gentiles who joined the nation of Israel ('conversion'). There were no Karaite Jews or Karaite Israelites in Nazi-occupied Europe at the time of the holocaust, quite simply because at that time most of them lived in Egypt, Turkey, and Iraq."

African Americans return to the Land of Israel

Bible prophesies predicted the return of the children of Israel to the land of their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

God has a special purpose for the chosen people of scripture. Now you can know the true purpose of the African experiance!

God the Black Man and Truth

Learn the best keep seceret in world! The history of the African American Did not start with the slave ships that came to America. This is more than a history leason. This books shows why the African in America had to experience the American captivity. God the Black Man and Truth (GBT) will help readers of all nations improve their lot in life!


Genesis 15:13 "Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them, and they shall afflict them four hundred years."

The Heritage Seekers: American Blacks in Search of Jewish Identity

KJV The Original African Heritage Study Bible The African presence in the Bible gives you a fresh and encouraging look at our vital place throughout redemptive history. Click on the following links to see the complete list of African Heritage Bibles

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