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The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperitye

Bishop E. Bernard Jordan

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The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity

Description:  Bishop Jordan has written a stellar work that is guaranteed to free the mentally enslaved, acquit the wrongfully charged, and bring healing to the sick. The Laws of Thinking is not a work for the shallow-minded person. It is demanding and challenging. It is neither intended to be used as the basis for unmerited criticism nor as sermon material for the minister having difficulty receiving a fresh work from the Lord. It was written with a very clear aim: to provoke spiritual thought. Bill Gates' Microsoft, Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions, Stephen Spielberg's DreamWorks, and even his own Zoe Ministries all began with a thought.

Every invention, university, book, song, business, home, skyscraper, movie, stage play, and baby began when someone chose to think. Nothing happens without thought. Creation did not happen without God's thought. Bishop Jordan's first objective is getting you to think.

We must move away from fear-based religion.  I am attempting to awaken religious minds and let people know they are asleep to their divinity via practicing fear based religions.  I am trying to provide spiritual enlightenment by helping to reconnect people back to their source which is God.  The Scripture says in Psalms 82, Verse 6, “I have said ye are Gods.” Again it is stated in St. John, Chapter 10, Verse 34, “Is it Not Written in your law that I say ye are Gods.”  There have always been prophets within the African American community and Diaspora who have heralded this truth.

The Laws detailed in Jordan’s book are: The Law of Becoming, The Law of Spirit, of Attraction, of Writing, of Risk, of Habit, of Passion, of the Vow, of the Word, of Mind, of the Journey, of Oneness, of Predestination, of Humility, of Faith, of Planning, of Money, of System, of Prosperity and finally the Law of the Harvest.

Author Description
Bishop E. Bernard Jordan is nothing less than a modern-day prophet. In 1989 he predicted Hurrican Katrina, which had a devastating effect on the people of New Orleans. Sought after by nations of the world for his accurate prophecies, Jordan has prophesied the world of the Lord to literally millions of people. He is the founder of Zoe Ministries in New York City, a prophetic gathering with a vision to impact the globe with Christ's message of liberation. He has been on NBC's Today Show, FOX 5, Good Day New York, CNN, and many others.

BIshop Jordan hold his doctorate in religious studies. He has self-published several best-selling books.



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