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The Language of Eden

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Hebrew: African Edenic language! The language of Eden (the Semitic or Hebrew language) ...

Semitic or Hebrew

The language of Eden is a Semitic or Hebrew language, built around a series of root word concepts.

Shadings of meaning are created by adding to the root consonants various prefixes, suffices and vowel combinations to change the general meaning of a word.

We, therefore, have an entire families of words.

Some are closely related to one another while others are more distantly related, but all linked to a core meaning.

Relative Core Meaning

These links often give us clues as to the values behind the meanings of the words. Take for example the word Shalom.

Most everyone you ask will probably know shalom as "hello," "goodbye" and "peace." However, Shalom comes from the root (sh, l, m) whose core meaning is "whole" or "complete." "Peace," or "Shalom" from the Semitic language of Eden, has a connotation of a state of completeness or wholeness which is beyond "an absence of a state of war."
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Background Research

I have been researching edenics from early childhood (1950's). Many who studied "Black Hebrewism" taught that Africa is Eden, thus "Blacks" in America are "Edenic" people and not "African Americans."

The Hebrew Scriptures go back to Adam and Eve and to God, the Hebrew language must be the language of God and Adam. Since Abraham was called the first Hebrew, the language that Adam spoke would not have been called "Hebrew", for lack of a better word "Edenics" seem to fit better than "Adamic", based on the covenants God made - 1) Adam before the Fall (Edenic), 2) Adam after the Fall (Adamic), and 3) Noah and his sons (Noahic).

Edenic Language

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Afro-Asiatic languages: Family of about 250 languages spoken in North Africa, parts of sub-Saharan African, and the Middle East.

Hebrew Language: Root Words Hebrew words are formed from roots by changing vowels and by adding prefixes and suffixes to that root.

Hebrew language From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hebrew language, member of the Canaanite group of the West Semitic subdivision of the Semitic subfamily of the Afroasiatic family of languages

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