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Bereshit - Genesis - Beerasheet - The New Birth

Path: Spirituality and Money Beerasheet - New Birth

The Hebrew word, Beerasheet, usually translated as "Genesis" can have different English spellings. Beresheet, beerasheet, berasheet, bereshit or beeresheet, are just a few ways in which it is sometimes spelled. Beerasheet (Genesis) is the new birth in the spirituality of the Africa Edenic world language of Hebrew and produces a new consciousness.

Beerasheet, the name of the first book of the Tahnock (Bible) is often translated as "Genesis." According to Edenic Hebraic thought, beerasheet means "the birth of a new consciousness of (new knowledge) in the mind" of people. Let's apply this to what Yeshua told Nicodemus.

Introduction to the Hebraic Understanding of the Bible

The information on this page is an excert from a doucment titled "Introduction to the Hebraic understanding of the Bible".

The Hebrew word, Beerasheet, usually translated as "Genesis" is to be born again or new birth of Mind!


Yeshua told Nicodemus

John 3:3 "Yeshua answered, and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God."

Righteous Teachings

Yeshua was to save the the world by His righteous teachings, and enable those righteous teachings to be a "light" in the minds of those who heard and believed His teachings.

"Light" of the World

This "light" or (Intellect of God) in John 3:19 and John 8:12 is the same "light" in Genesis 1:3 (Beerasheet)

Bereshit - head of or beginning

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Parashat Bereshit

The word bereshit can mean "in the beginning" or "at the start" or "at the head of [all things]". The term rosh ('head') is embedded in the word as its shoresh root. In Jewish tradition, the word can refer to either the first weekly Torah portion (parashah) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading (called 'parashat Bereshit') or to the first book of the Torah called 'Sefer Bereshit'.

The ancient Greek translation of the Torah (i.e., the Septuagint) called the book "bereshit" - "Genesis" ("birth", "origin") instead of using the translation of the first Hebrew word for the book's title. The term "Genesis" was used in the subsequent Latin and English translations of the book.




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