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GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test.

The GMAT is required for admission to business school. This computerized test is offered year-round, but only in the last 3 weeks of every calendar month. It tests students on verbal skills, quantitative skills (math) and analytical writing skills.

The main reason to attend business school is to increase your potential of a high salary and advance in the career of your choice. You will love getting your MBA if you've ever wondered about agency theory, leadership, strategic preemption, incentive compensation, corporate governance, decision making, management style, organisational structure, pecking-order theory of capital markets, psychological drivers of consumer behaviour, or any other of the myriad fundamental principles on which modern business operates. Also, Business graduates are eligible for jobs that would not be offered to those who hold only a high school diploma.

Individuals who have a solid business education are not only poised to start their own business, they also have the practical skills needed to excel in a variety of positions in the industry of their choice. Every organization, regardless of industry, relies on business principles to prosper. There are more opportunities for specialization in business than almost any other field. Business majors can choose to specialize in accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, non-profits, management, real estate, or any path that relates to business and industry.

However, business school is time consuming and requires a full commitment. Your day will most likely begin at 7:00 a.m. and continue into the evening hours. There will be very little time to do much of anything else between classes, study groups, test preparation, homework, and extracurricular activities. If you aren't prepared to sacrifice your evenings, weekends, and any other spare time you have, there is no point applying to business school. While the admissions process to business school can be rather extensive, in addition to the time commitment, you will also need a desire to succeed.

Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM

Kaplan GMAT 2012

The only state-of-the-art GMAT preparation program guaranteed to raise students' test scores!

In 2009, a record high was set for the number of prospective business students taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). With more students applying to business school, competition for limited spaces in business school programs has increased and made a high score on the GMAT crucial. Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM is the newly updated and revised test preparation guide that dedicates a brand-new chapter to these changes, provides invaluable access to live online events and practice, and offers insider advice from top-scoring Kaplan instructors.

In 2012, the GMAT will undergo significant changes, including the addition of a new Integrated Reasoning section to the test. Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM is the fully updated and revised test preparation guide that dedicates an entire brand-new chapter to these changes, as well as clearly explaining what the changes mean to students when preparing for and taking the exam.

In addition to practice sets for the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections, students using Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM will greatly benefit from innovative features such as:

    Six full-length practice tests:
  • one test in the book and five tests available online
  • A helpful online diagnostic test to target areas where a student may need improvement
  • A new chapter and practice questions highlighting the new 2012 Integrated Reasoning section
  • Hundreds of challenging practice test questions with a detailed explanation for each answer
  • Targeted content review and helpful advice for students preparing to submit their business school applications
  • Access to 15 vital online video mini-lessons and live online classes taught by expert, high-scoring GMAT Kaplan instructors

Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM provides students with everything they need to improve their scores—guaranteed. Kaplan’s Higher Score guarantee provides security that no other test preparation guide on the market can match. Kaplan has helped more than three million students to prepare for standardized tests. We know that our test-taking techniques and strategies work and our materials are completely up-to-date. Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM is the must-have test preparation tool for every student looking score to higher!

Kaplan GMAT 2012

Preparation for the GMAT

    Preparation Tips:
  • Buy a GMAT review book and practice test.
  • Prepare extensively, but do not cram, to ensure that you get the highest score possible. Devise a study plan to help you brush up on your verbal, quantitative, and writing skills.
  • Try the practice test under conditions similar to the actual GMAT. However, never take the GMAT as practice.
  • Plan to take the GMAT in the spring or summer, well in advance of application due dates and before you apply to grad school. Although you can always retake the GMAT, you are only allowed to take it once per calendar month.
  • Keep in mind that all prior scores are sent to the institutions to which you are applying.
    Final Notes:
  • The GMAT is administered by computer year-round
  • It is best to take the GMAT in the summer
  • Your last chance to take them and meet application deadlines is in October / November
  • It takes 2-3 weeks for your scores to be mailed to the schools so it is highly advised that you take it at latest a month before the application deadline
  • Business schools prefer students who have at least a 3.5 GPA, and GMAT scores between 500-600 (700 for the top schools) for each section, and experience (work experience, volunteer jobs, community service, personal experience, etc.).


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