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Build your own computer?

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Business in the computer age
The computer age has arrived and it is changing our lives and the way we do business. Computers have made communicating and doing business faster and more convenient. They have greatly increased our access to information. We can use the computer to study, meet good friends and build relationships. You can ask whatever you want in a forum or a site and people will answer you. You can enjoy using many computer applications or discover your talents.

Economy and computers
Our economy has become more dependent upon computers. More and more retailers have joined the electronic age. The computers can be used for doing inventory management, bookkeeping, bookkeeping or accounting system.

Computers are involved in many different things in business today. The computer can save you money or create new revenues. There is a learning process to use it's functions. But a computer can help you control your inventory, get information off the Internet, view other business' web sites to can find detailed product information and/or place orders on line and track your customers' buying habits.

What Kind of Computer?
Any standard PC off the shelf would be more that what you need to get started. However, the shelf life of this equipment is very short. The turning this product is about every 18 months for a new product line. So don't buy the most expensive machine you can find. you do not need the top of the line model with all the bells and whistles, a standard, middle-of-the-road machine with multimedia capability will do nicely. This means a machine with a sound card, a CD-ROM and a modem. With a printer, this kind of setup will run you somewhere between $1,500 and $2,000.

Build your own computer
Plan it then select the parts you want. Get exactly the computer you need, designed specifically for the job you have in mind. It isn't hard to do, and its worth the time and effort to get the perfect machine.

The perfect machine can come only when all the major and minor parts have been carefully selected. It is a union of chips, circuits, and drives that are exactly right together.


Start with a Kit

The Ultimate Kit

The Ultimate Kit with Arduino Uno from oddWires


Software & Accessories
Once you have your computer up and running, the next step is to buy a bookkeeping or accounting system.



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