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Spirituality, Family and Relationships

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God and Family

There are relative laws which governs relationships. These spiritual concepts will improve your life in the area of love, family, male/female relationships and salvation.

Religion is actually "culture". Spirituality is how one relate to his or her enviroment.

It is the difference in spirituality that provides spice to life, however, cultural differences (different religious views) can present many problems and stress. Spirituality provides a way to deal with successes and failures, especially in family relationships.

The relationship between families and spirituality is the key to living a full and joyful life. When you spend time with family members, be present and attentive. It is the most important ingredient of the love flowing between family members. Spirituality is the essence of everything that the family does to be a family.

Family is best thought of as life itself, governed by spirituality - it encompasses everything alive in the family. Spirituality thrives in the caring relationships between family members. There may be unresolved issues at times, but this is just a part of relationships - learn to live with them and let them go. Make the first step - reach out without asking for anything in return - just reach out for no reason at all other than love.

The family can awaken itself to loving presence through prayer, both individual and communal, through shared activities, both curtural (religious) and human (specific to the individual family), and through the countless efforts given to the care and support of each other. Meaningful connection to others is often a key part of spiritual search and practice. It is through relationships that we often journey deep into insights and spiritual beliefs.

These relationships offer the support that buffers the effects of stress and isolation. The key to walking the 'spiritual path' (halakha), is the application - without dogma or duality - to be of service to all relative to health, wholeness, family relationships, business, and finance.


Walking this path addresses the whole life of people in all of life's dimensions - be it: self, relationships, work or family.

Spirituality has many definitions (depending upon who you ask), but at its core spirituality helps to give our lives context. It concerns more than a person’s specific "religious" beliefs and practices. Many people have no formal religious affiliation, but each has spirituality. It describes more than one’s relationship with the Sacred, the Divine, the Transcendent or one’s faith community, it is also one’s relations with self, with the others of one’s world, and with life in general. Spirituality addresses the intellectual, moral, emotional, and relational growth, development and overall health and well-being of the people and the communities in which they live. It begins with self-knowledge and guidance from other learned individuals.

Positive Music will improve your: Health, and relationship with God, Family and Friends.


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