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Sherwood Lummus, Basic Author

I remember long time ago, back in the 60's before the Internet, there was "Mail Order". People made a business out of selling things through the Postal Mail System.

Advertising was mostly in magazines and newspapers. There was also what is called "AdSheets". Usually a 8.5x11 inch typing paper full of classified ads or small display ads.

The advertising media were focused on "income" or "opportunities" in mail order. The best things to advertise were things that would help the person who was trying to make money in the business of mail order.

Today we have the Internet. But, unlike the Opportunity magazines and Adsheets, people have a much harder time reaching your site. With the magazines and adsheets, a publisher could mail to as many households as he or she had money to spend. Many would read the mail even though it was not something they had order.

Ezines have taken the place of magazines and Traffic Exchanges have taken the place of Adsheets. The one thing that seem to be lacking is an increase in readership of the ezines and traffic exchanges. Also, the websites are not geared towards the people trying to get traffic. One might find websites advertising almost anything. In the mail order publications, the advertiser knew to only seen ads that would be useful to people trying to make money or make money in mail order.


Google Adsense

Also, the people who read the magazines and adsheets were either looking for money making opportunities or they were searching for their ads. Either way, the ads were being read.

Today, we need a means of advertising to people who are searching for what we offer and know that the ads will be read.

But, what is the right place to advertise for your Internet business? Is there a place that is best to insure your ads are seen?

The best way to get traffic to your website is to write compelling article, advertise (publish) them in ezines and people will search and find the information you write about then visit your site.


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