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Are You Frustrated With Your Online Marketing Results?

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Discover How To Profit from Email Marketing!

An AutoResponder is a system that allows you to begin generating leads, building your own lists of targeted prospects, and making more sales and referrals.

Free List Building

I am participating in a FREE 30 Minute List Building Challenge!

If you have ever wondered how to build your own targeted email marketing list, I highly recommend you try this free 30 Minute List Building Challenge! It’s FREE, they show us how to set it all up, and we get to keep the leads!

Free 30 Minute List Building Challenge!

Email Marketing

There are a few keys to being successful with AutoResponders. They are:

Make sure you have your own web site.

I know that a lot of mlm companies have their own replicated web sites and they're fine once you have a truly "hot" prospect on the line. But when it comes to prospecting and building your lists, you want your own web site for a number of reasons.

Having your own web site allows you to build your own credibility.

Having your own web site allows you to build personal rapport with prospects.

Having your own web site helps you stand out in the search engine results.

Having your own web site helps you stand out over your competition.

Your web site can be a simple one page site that gives an overview of who you are, your business, your lifestyle, etc...

Your web site should invite visitors to request free information from you. This brings us to the next key:

Add a subscription form to your web site.

The subscription form should ask for a name and email address. This form is the key to turning web site visitors in to prospects.

How do you get people to fill out the form?

Offer them free information on how they can make money from home.

Offer information on how your product can help them with whatever it is your product does.


Email Marketing

In the case of Trafficwave, they sell AutoResponder services so they offer a free report on how AutoResponders can help boost online sales.

When a visitor fills out the subscription form, they begin receiving my report giving them helpful information on understanding autoresponders, email marketing, how to create follow-up letters, and more.

And, of course, their letters invite them to purchase the Trafficwave autoresponder system for themselves.

Suppose your network marketing company offers a weight loss product. Your report could talk about the obesity epidemic, common causes of weight gain, some success stories from others that have used your product, and information on how they can order the product for themselves.

Your AutoResponder messages are where you would include a link back to the replicated site offered by your mlm company.

An added benefit of building your own targeted lists with your own web site and autoresponder is that if your mlm company should experience problems, go out of business, or become unavailable for any reason, you would be able to continue building your own credibility, switch to another company, and continue operations without having to start over from absolute zero.


30 Minute List Building Challenge




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