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Memories of African woman - poster for framing

Memories of African woman. The fascinating story of a woman, originated from a small village in Africa, who left their birthplace and become successful and famous. However, despite the success that she has achieved, do not pass a single day and that she does not think about her family that is still out there somewhere far away. She remembers her village, her origin and all the things that had in the past been a beloved which she had to leave... She decides to go back and help their fellow countrymen and her family. This is the story of sacrifice, about great love, about loyalty. Could this be your story too? Memories of African woman


Boat on the lake - watercolor on silk 465x370 mm

Description Boat on the lake

Stream bathed with the sun - poster for framing

A Stream bathed with the sun. Flickering play of light on leaves of the trees and on grass, radiates a fascinating vibration of energy of Life to the viewer thus inviting a man to join in to that current of joy and happiness! Stream bathed with the sun


A log cabin on the river - poster for framing

A log cabin rests quietly on the river. Wild ducks are happily playing with their cubs who still unsure float on water. Wonderful game of nature and life! A log cabin on the river

Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade - poster for framing

Description: View of Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade at autumn. Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade


A Deer in the yard - poster for framing

A Deer in the yard. One day deer entered in the yard among people, searching for food. He moves freely without fear because he feels accepted by the friends, people. Here you can see one stopped moment and his caught look full of longing and trust who is headed to... maybe just you? A Deer in the yard

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Personal Enrichment Center through the love of Art - A New Mind for A New World

The family who have fun together, stays together! My wife and children and myself love to do all types of arts. We spend as much time together duing art as posible. Here is one of my atemps at art using "Paint" on the computer. Hope you like it.

Art Work by Sherwood

Edenic Man
Computer Art by Sherwood Lummus

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