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What makes a good article?

Anyone can write a good article. The first thing is to Know your readers - pick a subject for your writing based upon what your users like to read. One way to do this is to pay attention to trending topics in the industry you intend to write about. Take an idea and turn it into "fresh content".

Fresh 'Original' content
After you find a topic that your readers will be interested in, write about them in a creative way. While the style of your writing will greatly affect your article's originality, you will need to address points from different angles than other writers have attacked the subject.

Style is the personality of the writer that express itself through content of the article. The style that you create as a writer will greatly determine who will come back to read more of what you write.

Know what you're talking about
Research your topic and edit it for quality and facts.

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Tips for Writing a Publishable Article

In order to get your article published it will need to have the characteristics of a well-written article. Publishable articles usually have a well-defined topic or topics that are related in some way.

Write from your own personal perspective

Take a look inside of yourself and determine what it is that is fascinating about you - what you find fascinating in life - then write from your unique perspective. We each possess a story that only we can write. The biggest advantage any of us have in the publishing industry is our unique point of view.

The article should be written in clear, correct language (i.e. English in this case)

A few typos here and there or some small grammar (syntax or styling) errors will not detract from the article if the manuscript is interesting and of high quality. However, if the English in general is poorly written, then that reflects on the overall impression of the article and the writer.

In general, you should write and rewrite your article many times. Writing is a constant cut, copy and paste of paragraphs that makes it easy to move information around so as to delete and add in new material. Sometimes you lose the flow of the article with all the cut, copy and pasting. It helps to maintain the flow if you, read and re-read your article. Sometimes it becomes necessary to put the article away for a few days, even a week or two and then re-read it, or have someone else go over it for you.

Sometimes the results of our empirical studies and / or the results of our own in-depth contemplation lead us to change our minds about some previously held views on the chosen subject. Thus, we may need to revamp our entire article to ensure that our conclusions are consistent with the introduction and content of the article.


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