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Polygamy Reconsidered: African Plural Marriage
and the Christian Churches

Path: Behaviour change and sustainability African Plural Marriage Cultural Presumptions of the West

Chapter 2) Culture and Christianity

The author goes into great depths to show how people add bits of their culture to Christianity and then expect it to carry the same force as a law of God. The idea the reader is left with is that perhaps we should treat the ideas bolted on to Christianity by the West with the same disdain as those bolted on by South American liberation theologians or by other foreign cultures. If we did, then perhaps we would reject the attitude of the second Vatican council who consigned polygamy to the same category as 'the plague of divorce, so-called free love, and other disfigurements'.

Perhaps then we would accept the concern of those who bemoan "the great amount of fuss made about the issue of monogamy, as if it were the most fundamental dogma of the Christian Church, and possessing indubitable scriptural validity." Accepting our own culture as THE right culture devalues all others and adopts the view, according to Peter Berger, that history is "a giant escalator ascending to the point at which we happen to be standing".

Chapter 1 - The historical missionary and pastoral problem of African Polygamy
Chapter 2 - Cultural Presumptions of the West
Chapter 3 - Demography
Chapter 4 - Anthropology
Chapter 5 - Biblical texts
Chapter 6 - Theological Rationale
Appendix - On the Council of Trent




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