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Polygamy Reconsidered: African Plural Marriage
and the Christian Churches

Path: Behaviour change and sustainability African Plural Marriage

Polygamy Reconsidered:

African Plural Marriage and the Christian Churches
By Eugene Hillman, C.S.SP.
An Extended Review By Samuel Chapman
Published 1975 by Orbis, Maryknoll, New York. ISBN 0 88344 3910

Polygamy Reconsidered: African Plural Marriage and the Christian Churches

This book is written by a Catholic priest, theologian and missionary who has obviously struggled with the differences between his church's official position on polygamy and what the Bible says about it. This struggle was particularly important to him as he saw that the insistance on monogamy was hampering his effectiveness in countries where polygamy was popular. The really interesting thing about this book is watching someone squirm as they try to defend something the Bible allowed, but the apostate Church banned, whilst at the same time he tries to remain faithful to that apostate Church and its effective claims to supremacy over the Bible.

Chapter 1 - The historical missionary and pastoral problem of African Polygamy
Chapter 2 - Cultural Presumptions of the West
Chapter 3 - Demography
Chapter 4 - Anthropology
Chapter 5 - Biblical texts
Chapter 6 - Theological Rationale
Appendix - On the Council of Trent



Toward an African Christianity: Inculturation Applied

This is a provocative and highly original approach to Catholic Christianity in Africa. The author (liberal studies, Salve Regina Univ.) contends that European colonialism has imposed such a fundamentally foreign style of religion on Africans that it denigrates and destroys the converts' connection with African culture. For Christianity to become at home in Africa completely, argues Hillman, it must take on African rites and attitudes. The author gives a fascinating look at the traditional African (Maasai) religious practices. He then goes on to suggest a radical transformation and acculturation of Christianity that might include ritual animal sacrifice and polygamy. He admits, however, that some of the strongest objections to this kind of change would come from black African Christians themselves. A well-written book that is sure to produce heated discussion. Recommended for public and academic libraries.

Toward an African Christianity: Inculturation Applied



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