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Resolve problematic relationships

Path: Behaviour change and sustainability Without Pretense - Plural Marrage Today

Without Pretense - Plural Marrage Today

Without Pretense empowers us to build loving truth-centered relationships, and correct problematic ones. Without Pretense also resolves, once and for all, the multiple-wife issue, God's intended marital system.

Without Pretense: The Final Resolution of the Multiple Wife Controversy by Dr. Haramiel Ben Shaleak

A holistic guide to developing and maintaining perfect male/female relationships and marriages. This book also shows how to correct marriages that have gone sour. It brings the Absolute Truth about the correctness of multiple wives in marriages and the fact that it is the Intended Marital System.

Dr. Shaleak was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, served in Vietnam and has three wives and five daughters. He lives in Israel and is a part of the Hebrew Community of Dimona. He is a lecturer on marriage, child development, wholistic health, the Bible and a host of related subjects.

I have read the book, "Without Pretense" and I highly recommend this book to anyone with concerns about marriage. Therefore I offer a link (free of charge) to the site which sells the book for Dr. Shaleak. I am not an affiliate of this site, so direct any guestions about the product, price and shipping to the webmaster of that site. Thanks!

Without Pretense
200 pages; Perfect bound;
catalogue #03-2099;
ISBN 1-4120-1722-X
Without Pretense: The Final Resolution of the Multiple Wife Controversy


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