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Path: Behaviour change and sustainability Polygyny by Consent

Sister Wives - Marriages:
Polygyny, plural wives in the 'Black' community


The form of marriage being discussed is Technically called Polygyny. This is where one man marries more than one woman at the same time. Many men of the Bible supported more than one wife ( at least two or more wives ) in some form of marriage relationship at the same time. This includes Abraham, Jacob who's name was changed to (Israel), Moses, David and others.

Not discussed here is polygamy marriage. This is where a woman can have more than one husband or a man can have more than one wife. This report is only concerned with polygyny (one man, multipal wives.) Polygyny is also distinguished from relationships where a man has a sexual partner outside marriage such as a concubine. A concubine, in generally, is usually a woman in an ongoing (marriage-like) relationship with a man to whom she cannot be married for a specific reason: such as, because she is of lower social rank than the man (such as slave status) or because the man is already married.


Challenging the definition of Legal marriage and Social Considerations for practicing polygyny in Black America is a necessity for the African American Community.

Multiple Wives -- In a family system where wives are supposed to provide food for the family or a large part of it and to perform the usual domestic duties for the husband, a wife will naturally welcome one or more Sister Wives to share with them the burden of daily work. In the Torah, the status of the first wife is not diminished by the sister wives.

Polygyny was an acceptable practice in the time of Yeshua. Polygyny was declared to be an acceptable practice during the Christian Era by some of the Church fathers. It was not until the end of the 1st Millennium CE that some "Jews" officially rejected Plural marrage.

The Law that Moses gave also made provision for plural marriage and in some cases, it would seem, plural marriage was even commanded by the Law of Moses. There is evidence that multiple wives is an acceptable practice all through ancient Israel.

Many women today have attempted to satisfy their need for companionship by focusing on their carees, turning to church, to lebianism or having affairs with married men. Are these the only options left to women? Who are our women (our sisters, daughters and grand daughters going to marry?


African-American Society and Male-Female Relationship

The Black family is under assault. Among the contributing factors is the declining sex ratio. It has become necessary to evaluate the concept of monogamous marriage since it is impossible for every Black woman to enter into a "monogamous" relationship with a Black man. And, this situation worsens as her educational and income level increases.


Plural marriage are usually prevented by many western governments

Though most opinion remains negative towards polygamy (polygyny), Globe columnist Norman Spector (former chief of staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, former ambassador to Israel, and former publisher of the Jerusalem Post) wrote in an August 13 column that he found it "difficult to think of a single reason" why a purely voluntary plural marriage should be prevented by government.


Beneficiaries of monogamy and polygynous relationships

About 78% of human societies are polygynous (some men marry more than one wife). That leaves only 22% of societies as strictly monogamous. Men, on average, are better off in a monogamous society. Men seem to have better opportunities to get a wife and family. It is ironic that men are somewhat the beneficiaries of monogamy. The sexuality of men are more "polygynous" than women's sexuality from a purely physiological standpoint.


Polygyny in the "religion"

In the Old Testament, the patriarchs Abraham, Jacob, David, and Solomon were polygynous. Polygyny wasn't about promiscuous sex, but rather was a duty to care for widows and orphans. The Jewish Talmud limits a man to four wives. European Jews practiced polygyny until the sixteenth century. Jews in Yemen continue to practice polygyny.

In Judaism and Islam, polygyny is an ideal form of marriage if the husband has the resources to provide for his wives, and the good character to raise children.

Paul, in the New Testament, discouraged marriage. He based his philosophy on the teachings of the Stoic who saw marriage and children as being a distraction from religious devotion. In A.D. 393, the Pope adapted Christianity to Roman law which forbade polygyny, but allowed prostitution and concubines. Concubines were wives whose children didn't inherit the father's wealth. Today they are called mistresses.


Is there a solution?

Both the monogamous and polygenous system as we know them today, are not working. These marital systems has caused serious unhappiness and truma. Is there an answer? Yes! We must turn back to Yah Almighty, the source of all blessings, for the solution to the many questions about building Divine relationships. We must revisit the issue of Plural Marriage for Today!



We Want for Our Sisters What We Want for Ourselves:
African American Women Who Practice Polygyny by Consent
--- by Patricia Dixon

Polygyny the practice of having multiple wives has existed since ancient times and is still practiced in many countries throughout the world. In this book, Dr. Patricia Dixon argues that the practice is one the African American community should adopt as well. According to Dixon, the concept of monogamy was spread by Christianity and created an unrealistic and romanticized notion of marriage that leaves many women, especially African American women, unfulfilled and unsupported.

She offers many reasons to support polygyny, most importantly, the shortage of available African American men. Through extensive interviews, she offers an insider s look at polygynous marriages, showing readers its benefits and disadvantages, interpersonal dynamics, how financial, sexual, and parental responsibilities are determined, and the legal, moral, and cultural challenges that must be overcome in order to make polygynous marriage possible within American society.

We Want for Our Sisters What We Want for Ourselves: African American Women Who Practice Polygyny by Consent
[Paperback] Patricia Dixon (Author)
Publisher: Black Classic Press, Inprint Editions;
Revised Edition edition (June 30, 2009);
Polygyny - Copartnering: A Relationship, Marriage and Family Alternative

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