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From Slaver to Freedom- Africa's Restoration!

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Edenic perspective on Africa's Restoration and Redemption.


Black / African related studies of African colonization, Emancipation, Reconstruction in light of education, politics, religion and spiritual discipline.

Our mission is to gather authoritative information on African diaspora. Our goal is the true Freedom of Africans in America and to provide a means for sustain cultural and economic contributions to the Gobal community.

We encourage everyone to explore the history of African Americans, to learn about our struggles and to celebrate our successes. New World Educators commemorate the achievements of African Americans through great struggles and to promote recognition of these achievements for public awareness.

The problems you find in one group of people exist in most people arould the planet

What is needed to correct the horror of the African American condition? What can be done to return African Americans and Africa back to an Edenic paradise? How can this benefit all people globally?

Africa is Eden. African Americans are Edenic people. The knowledge of the Restoration and Redemption of Eden (Africa) will bring Peace and GoodWill to the entire World.

Divine education (righteous knowledge world: a world free of Babylonian ignorance, healed of its wounds, lacking disease and war, a world without hunger, AND we can do it without destroying the land or the water or the air. Technologies can be developed that is non-polluting. We will be able to farm and manufacture entirely without waste. We can use less land and feed a planet with three times the current population. All this can be done without ruining the soil, or the population of the rivers and air.

It has been stated that the unity of our leadership and organizations through the pooling of our resources, financially (see African American Market) and intellectually could solve 95% of our problems. The problems of our people are: social deterioration, broken homes, broken marriages, broken minds, broken spirit, that evolved from a string of broken promises by government and leadership that has failed to help our people turn around the misery and wretchedness of our condition.

There are those among us who has enough finance to fuel our rise as a people. There are those among us who have the knowledge to correct the horror of our conditions. They are equiped with the potential (force and power) to cause us to rise as a people.


There is a relatively unspoken problem amoung African Americans and the people around the globe. That problem is spiritual. Many of us are religious but not spiritual (no connection with the Creator). The answers to our spiritual problem could solve 100% of all our problems. See Solutions For A Troubled Society

The African American community represents a wealth of over $400 billion dollars in the consumer market. Globally this figure exceeds $1 trillion dollars. The African American Market for more on African American buying power.



The African American Experiences is a collection of Black Studies to understand the Past, Present and Future of the People called African American!

"Wealth is to have your own Land, Language and Culture! Where is the Land of the African American? What is the Language? And, Where is the Culture of the people?"



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